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  1. Hi all, Long story short...I'm currently in Iraq and will have ~35 days or so to burn once my deployment is finished before I return to the US (for tax reasons). I'm looking for a place to do AFF and pretty much anywhere in the world is fair game outside of the Middle East. I know that UAQ is down the road, so to speak, but I've had enough time in the desert, I think...I'm also not looking to go to Canada...if I'm halfway around the world I might as well stay outside of North America. I've looked at the DZ locator and fiddled with the search but I guess I'm just looking for any received wisdom. I've done a few tandems (long time ago, separated by a few years) so I don't need the "great first experience." Cost isn't really an object but I'd like not to get soaked so that I can pick up some kit at later date. Many thanks in advance. Matt