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  1. How much a tandem instructor get for 1 jump? I mean what is the % of the jump cost that is received by a tandem instructor???
  2. Salutare si bine ai venit pe forum!!! Ai sa vezi ca aici is o gramada de oameni superi tari de la care se pot invata gramada de lucruri noi . Felicitari pentru salturile facute si cat mai multe... Hi , and have a good time here!!!!!
  3. the problem is : here in Romania its only 1 real dz , the rest of the dz its financied by the state and ....
  4. Thanx. Yes The word "cutaway" transled roughly means anything else.
  5. In Romania we hawe only 2 tandem instructors . And they don't have the licence from here, they got the licence with an italian instructor. Blue sky
  6. OK This seams a real problem!!! But te skydiving is the live for me and I want to do all my live that. And how alse I can do skydiving and earn money to sustain myself???
  7. I want to know that becose I want to do that as soon as possible.
  8. Sorry but I don't understand the meaning of the word cutaway . Please try to explain it in simple words. Can I do a cutaway in the same time with tandem instructor school ???
  9. I want to become a tandem instructor and I want to know the steps that I have to take to become one!!! CAVOK ............
  10. Hi.............................. and Blue Sky all the time.......
  11. The perfect girl , she has to be a skydiver to understand my needs (skydiver's needs),good looking (to satisfy my man needs)......... and it would be great to have lot of money to spend together on jumps........
  12. Hi, I am a new member on DROPZONE and I want to say hello to everybody!!!!! I hope to make a lot of new friends ....... to talk whith them about skydiving (1st time) and anyting else (2nd time).......... So......................... Blue sky and many jumps......