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  1. Hey Corey, I am actually doing my AFF right now and I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. I only have a few more days left and I am working on my consols now. All I can say is do it. If it is making you hungry for it go for it. I was just like you obsessing day in, day out after my tandem about skydiving. I also knew that I had to do something about it now before I was some old granny sat in a chair at 70 wishing I did the one thing that made me feel so alive.... SKYDIVING. I have had some real tough times on this course my sticker being just my turns (but that is another story altogether). Anyhows I have stuck at it and not let my thirst for being a skydiver be dampened by my own HEAD thinking too much about all the other shite that comes with this game. I have cracked it now because I had made my mind up that I am going to do this no matter what. Belive me I have just wanted to bawl my eyes out at times but then when I am back in freefall and the cobwebs are flying away it is soooo much better and I am so much stronger. On my level one I lost my radio (or had blocked ears) and had to land myself. My ground school was brilliant enough to make me just do what I had to do and that was land on my own under canopy (which I did with the perfect PLF and landing pattern) and I got up and got straight on the next load. COME ON!!!! I had crapped myself about the canopy flight more than the freefall like you and hell I puilled it off! That was not so bad after all. I am glad that I was alone for that first landing in some ways as it proved to me that I could cope and that I had taken everything in as you should. These guys will not let you in the air until they KNOW you can do it. It sounds like to me that you have the spirit in you. Go with it brother and enjoy! And no don't do another tandem and have another taxi ride. Crack on with the AFF. You know what freefall is about and now you can start working and put that money towards beng a real skydiver. This is expensive business and if you know you want to do it get on with it. Good luck Corey and trust yourself. x Edit to add:- And the unstable exit is THE BEST THING EVER - so far! I did a roll out the door and I was shitting myself before (like, oh my god can I do it?) and when I was doing it seeing plane, cloud, plane, cloud, plane cloud....ARCH!!! I was on top of the world. This is what it is all about! This is a head F*@K and that is why I am here!
  2. What..Gordon "f$*k#ng" Ramsay? He is pretty much a national treasure for us with his "did he just say that?" put downs. He was destined to be a pro soccer player (apparently) before he got injured and hence ended up being a chef on the telly instead. A bit of useless trivia for you there. Anyways I'm off tommorrow to do my "f#*[email protected]" AFF tossers!!! See you when I get back. The English do etiquette so well.
  3. Phewee! But yes, I know what you mean about when the couples looks like a game of twister I played on a Friday night once, all legs and arms and no clue as to what the hell is going on. Spectacular! Yep, but the English guy "Kerr" looked well fit in his black glitzy attire. I would not kick him out of bed for eating biscuits. Grrrrr.
  4. In my mind anything that requires such athletic skills and physical capabitlities as is demonstrated in Ice Dancers/figure skaters etc is definately up for the Olympics, period. Over here, when I was watching the half pipe, the more serious presenters were almost taking the piss out of it, like "oh it's such a new sport and what a strange bunch they all are, now here is some real sport - the downhill" and not really bigging it up for what it is, some really talented individuals being given a chance to shine. We all have our thing I guess. But to put even Ice Dancing in the same sentence as ballroom dancing (which is a very skilled thing and something I could never do), is a bit daft really. I think they should make skydiving an olympic sport. Oh I forgot it is only morons and bird shit that falls out of the sky.
  5. Thanks for putting me straight there. I am one of life's simpletons and I just call people like her, "Ice skaters" normally, like I used to call skydivers "fruitjobs", before I realised there was more to it than that. Could'nt agree with you more there! WOW! I'm not too sure I go there, but Maybe if I watch a bit more of it in the future I might think "fall you bastard....Fall!!!!" whilst choking on my kitkat My husband really likes the ladies costumes. Can't think why. But yeh, I think whoever designed most of them could do with being taken around the back and shot.
  6. How can anyone question that Ice dancing is not a sport I do not know. They are athletes. I was watching it last night and Sasha Cohen of the USA's performance was outstanding. To be able to do that with your body, put that amount of dedicatation it requires into a sport and get to that level, deserves respect. I dare you to throw yourself around the ice like that and hold some of those body positions. As for curling I have'nt watched it, a bit too slow for me, but still these people are at the top of their game, unlike the rest of us mere mortals. RESPECT.
  7. I relapsed and started again last year (after a 2 year break - duh!) when I did my tandem. Puffed like a steam train for months afterwards. Yuk. So I gave up New Years day and so far so good. First week is the hardest and going out socialising with other smokers can be tough, especially when slightly innebriated.
  8. ***Now, when I see anybody smoking, I just think they must not be too bright, if smoking is a decision they made for themselves. How smart can a person be if they actually choose to engage in a habit that: - stinks disgustingly - Like you do when it goes a bit tits up on a jump? Besides can't smell you in cyberspace, you might have a very pungent aroma that offends others. - costs a lot of money - Ummm, is'nt skydiving expensive unless you have a sexual favours deal going on with your CCI? - damages one's health? All those beer fines can't help one's liver can it? And I bet you are right up front of que bumming off the newbie!
  9. Holy cow. Confess...confess. Where to start? A neighbour keeps letting their dog dump right outside of my drive and my very nice neighbours and it is getting me really pissed. So the other day I picked the offending turd up (with a trowel) and lobbed it in their drive only to hit their car with it and it just stayed there, stuck to the car. Did I move it? Nope. I hope it was sundried to the paint work, tossers. Hopefully my cat leaves it shit hidden in their garden.
  10. How weird, I had exactly the same thing happen to me last week. A bruise the size of a small T plate on the top of my leg and arse. How on earth it got there, I do not know. I would like to say it was caused by athletic nasty sex but that would be a lie, besides my knees and elbows are fine. I nearly had to call in work and say I needed the day off as I had a sore bum and would'nt be able to sit on it all day long, but I don't think that would have washed as they are Nazi scum.
  11. I guess you won't be doing it again then? I feel for you. Just keep your chin up as much as possible and party like you've never partied before. Go away with the guys, just do anything to remind you how great single life really is before doing something silly like "falling in love" all over again with mistake number 3.
  12. I guess when you walk down the aisle still sedated from the "night before" shannigans is when you have to say STOP! I came round at the high alter MARRIED! Holy shit, I missed the whole lot. Apparently I did it. Reception was banging and I had a great time as I was just topping up on the night before, but my new husband would'nt talk to me all night, maybe not such a bad thing looking back on it. Drink can have it's purposes.
  13. True, there are more serious things that an expectant mum could do to her unborn foetus than smoking. My mum smoked whilst carrying me and I weighed a healthy 8Lb 8oz. I was a healthy, bonny child too. I think certain people are predisposed to certain defects caused by certain habits like smoking. One person could smoke all their life 40 a day and not seem to have any real side effects on their general health, whereas a non-smoker who happened to work in a small smoky bar for 15 years ends up contracting lung cancer that is smoke related. The same could be applied to a growing foetus. One friend of mine smoked on and off throughout her pregancies and her children are very healthy and robust medically, have been ever since. Another friend who had a very anxious time with her pregancy, just could not find the resolve to quit. She subsequently had a prem labour and her midwives/doctors said it was because the baby was not getting enough oxygen due to her smoking. Her child is very unwell all year round and has asthma and sinus problems. She freely admits this is all down to her smoking whilst pregnant and she is deeply ashamed of this, she crucifies herself enough over this. She is a fantastic mum however and I have nothing but great admiration for her. Her choice was a bad one for her child and there is no getting away from this. No matter how anyone looks at it, smoking while carrying a child is a risky business and a gamble with their future health. I suppose I have been quick to judge in the past as maybe if I had not wanted to throw up every time I smelt cigarette smoke I might have found it harder to quit. Who knows. Fact is, it is a scary time becoming a mum or a dad.
  14. It is when they've had the baby and then they go outside to have a ciggarette that really gets me. If you can't give up when you are pregnant then what is the point? The day I found out I was pregnant I stopped straight away and it was not difficult to do as my childs health meant more to me than having a puff. I did'nt even go near anyone who was smoking. Shameful and they deserve all the looks of contempt they get.
  15. I have just gone through my free trial on contacts after asking a similar question, and I suffer exactly the same as you, astigmatism, dry eyes etc. But they have bought out these toric lenses in daily disposables for astigmatics and so far I have been doing ok with them. I don't however wear them when using VDU as my eyes really dry up and you have to really limit the time you have them in (max 8hrs). And putting them in was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be (in the past I have nearly fainted when I saw a work collegue taking some out!)
  16. Hell, yeh. I have had so many mad experiences when it comes to ghostly things I can't even remember all of them. As a kid I just thought it was normal being able to see and feel ghosts. I suppose the most memorable because it was her, was just after my Gran passed away. She was a bit unusual to say the least and talked to the dead and all that stuff. Bit of an old witch really, but a good one. The day before her funeral I had this huge cricket just sat at the bottom of my bed (it was the middle of the winter) It just stayed there all night and I was affraid of it. So I started writing all this stuff down to take my mind off of it and to stop myself falling asleep (and it crawling into my mouth). Next thing I knew I had wrote this very detailed verse of words that my Gran would have said to my mother. I gave it to my mother and she just creased saying it was just the sort of thing she would have said and it answered so many questions she had unanswered. I was only 9 at the time so I did not really understand grown up stuff, but I had put it down. My mum still has it to this day in a very safe place. The day of her funeral all I could smell all day was her. She had a very powerful natural, sweet smell about her and it was everywhere. In my room, in the car, even in the cuboards when I opened them. It was overwhelming. I suppose this experience is more what you would call channelling as opposed to the outright, hey look there is a ghost! Although I have seen them too. As long as the spirit is benevolent and you don't expect it to give you the answer to the universe, I would'nt mind who I share my home with. As long as they stayed out of the shower!
  17. Me too. Don't get me wrong the thought and effort would be great but.....all that grass and wildlife in your living room? If things should get a bit steamy and you both start rolling around you would be in threat of being attacked by 3 foot shrubs in the throws of passion. I would be horrified if I ended up smooching with a baby fir tree. Less is more and if you really want to impress her I would go for the old fashion civilised sit down meal (ofcourse cooked by yourself) with candles, insense and some real sexy music in the background. And make sure you smell real good. Leave the outdoor stuff just for that.....the outdoors. Finally....she sounds like a real lucky lady.
  18. OOOOhhh, skydiving porn. I just go mad when I see skydiving on the TV and in real life, and I know that there is absolutely nothing on earth that makes me feel this excited! I am crapping myself about it on the flip side though, and it feels great. A bit schizophrenic, but really good all the same. I may feel different whilst going through the course, but I feel like I have gone through so many emotions over it to get this far that it is exactly that fear factor, the acomplishment of challenging it and embracing it that is what I am seeking in skydiving. Or is this abnormal? When they open the door, snort some air, trust yourself, trust your instructors and trust your kit. Then enjoy the ride. You are either going to do it or not. Once out the door you have'nt much choice. That is my plan anyway.
  19. Hey Daniel, I cannot offer any technical advice just my own experience of what you are feeling right now. I am in the same boat as you, Did a tandem, loved it and about to complete an AFF very soon. From what I gather everyone has these fears at the start, that in such a situation one doubts how they will cope and lack trust in their own ability to perform under the most intense pressure of all....saving their own life. It is against all our selfpreservational instincts to throw ourselves from perfectly functioning aircraft, yet some crazy ass dudes called "skydivers" do just that. So it is only natural to feel worried about the "malfunction" situation. I keep myself awake at night sometimes about it pondering...what if? What I have found has really worked though is to do the obvious and read, read, read. Suck up all the information you can. A good start for me was the malfunctions section in The Skydivers Handbook. I must have read it like a trillion times, especially that chapter. Although it is scarey to read all the possible situations you could be faced with at some time or another there is a huge amount of comfort in reading about it, arming yourself with the knowledge so there will be no surprises and how they can be resolved. You will find that your mind will start to almost visualise how it would be for you in that situation just like you probably go over and over how it felt hanging in the door strapped to your TI and how it will feel when you exit the first time on your AFF. I have come to realise that this is all part of the journey and it is why you have, or it has chosen you to be in this sport. You will feel a huge amount of varying emotions between now and when you do it and do you know what, I have now actually come to really enjoy feeling them. Without fear what does one have to be brave for? You would not be doing it if you did'nt feel it will challenge you and make you face fear. If you feel it to be a good thing I would also do a packing course alongside your AFF as it will help you understand what it is that breaks your fall and make you wiser in how it functions, which in turn will make you feel more able to cope in an emergency. Lastly, you will be absolutely fine and your instructors will not let you in the air if they have any doubt whatsoever about your ability. Good luck on your course and get reading!
  20. Anyone who trips on Acid in the woods and grows up in porno theatres is probably going to have the answer to the universe. Thank dear Bill that he shared it with us. I could get up at dawn, go to a job that does not motivate or inspire me artistically whatsoever........or I could get up at noon and learn to play the Sitar.
  21. Do you think he does childrens parties? The best damn lesson in the world! __________________________________________________ Bill on creation: I've got one word for you....dinosaur! FC Hillbilly: Huh, well I think that god put them here to test our faith. Bill: Thank god I'm strapped in here right now, cause you sure are testing my faith dude.
  22. The man was so ironically full of Love! I mean he wanted his dying granny to meet Chuck Norris! I wonder what he would have come up with about today's world if he was still here? They say that pot makes you unmotivated. WRONG! You can still do everything you could whilst not on pot, you just realise it 'ant worth the fucking effort.
  23. Genius! The comedy of hate! And he is the GOD! People keep repeating we are FREE! *** Jus thinkin' of John, Jack, Jus thinkin' of John.
  24. When your husband has to say key words like"skydiving/parachute!" just to get your attention. I am in the vulcan death grip of planet skydive at the moment and he is losing the battle I am affraid. I am hoping things will be a bit smoother once I get it out of my system.