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  1. I just got the same email from this user... I hate scammers... _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  2. I traded it about 4 years ago and Ive heard the rig is a whore...lol anyways... now that I am jumping again... I am either going to have to save a bunch and buy new gear or get used... but I LOVED that rig and the color scheme and everything... Its gree diamond back with white harness and backpad, gold dimondback and white on the "arrows and pop top".. Its a Javelin TJNK oddessy and the kicker... mud flap says "YOSHI" might be hard to see but its the rig dead center in the attached pic. any idea where its made its way to?> _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  3. yeah... I wont be doing any downplanes to 400 feet...lol _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  4. Amazon- stupid? Lol. I've toned down.. I have a kiddo now so I wont be pushing my limits near as far..;) Beerlight- I did finish my private, almost my commercial and instrument bu haven't flown in a couple years now... Long story but the bankruptcy of silverstate put a quick halt to me being able to fly... _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  5. Thanks man... Its been a wild ride.... I now have a three year old (well she will be august 13th...) and with relocating twice across the country it took me out of skydiving (along with other reason that those of you who have been around long enough should know)... Im glad to be back! _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  6. Thanks:) I finally decided after moving back to Houston in March that I needed to get in the air... so my first dive was a recurrancy (pretty fun video on FB - Yoshi Yasuda if you wanna search) and the next few were tandem recurrency... (Even more fun video on FB...lol) Thanks to Boston for litterally grabbing your toes on exit on my tandem refresher... but oh yeah.. I flew that shtuff! lmao _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  7. Whats up peeps? been a while, but Im back in force... have my tandem current and gettin the knees in the breeze again after a 4 year break! Cant wait to see my friends in the sky! _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  8. other than what has been said... if you are looking for a night out head to broad ripple... about 40 clubs in 3 blocks of eachother... the vogue is pretty "famous" for lots of bands (I saw blind mellon there before they put out no rain)... market square is kinda cool for all kinds of different foods and little shops (kinda like an up scale flea market) the speedway is pretty neat (as already said) depends what you are looking to do. feel free to pm me. I live in noblesville which is about 30 min NE of DT laters _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  9. Did you use up your only call to make this post? not that kind of trouble _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  10. if its too long to read...dont read it. _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  11. true story: When I was in college a frind and I backpacked europe for a few months... about half way through the trip we were in Venice Italy. We changed our money in each country and had a designated amount of money we changed in each country to spend, and whenit cam to the last day I had a TON of lire left.. (pre-euro). so I thought what a better thing to do than go to an authentic winery and get a fantastic bottle of wine to share over a home cooked meal (which we did often on little burners for camping). So with the language barrier I was able to get the point across that I wanted a nice full bodied merlot to the guy and I bought a bottle of wine for about $140.00 USD. I figured..go big or go home.. and I wasnt about to go home yet :). so my buddy and I are walking all over venice..up and down stairs..over waterways and we were passing the bag back and forth that contained our sweet bounty. We had like 70 lbs back packs and a bunch of food to go with the wine so we took turns carrying it. we decided it was about time to head to the train station so we could cook up an awesom meal and drink our wine... casey (my friend) reached out as I was handing him the bottle of wine as we were walking over a step bridge and it happened... in slow motion I could see the bottle slip form my hand as he reached for it, but with no chance of grasping it... the bottle seemed to float down to the concrete steps as the glass shattered with an earthquake ripping through our very souls. It was as if a crimson waterfall consumed those steps as we watched our velvet nectar spread across the ground. Our hearts fell to the floor as our bodies soon followed and we sat on the steps staring at the marvel we created. Just then the "classic" italian man...with tight stone washed jeans, white button up shirt with the top buttons undone to show his chest hair and a gold chain drooping across his neck came walking around the corner. He had a saunter to his gate that showed confidence and that he could not have had a care in the world. As he approached the steps he saw the massacred bottle that we had recently slain. not a word came out of his mouth, rather he took one knee at the bottom of the steps and crimson waterfall to ever so gracefully dip one finger into the pool of wine and touch it to his tongue. he then lowered his sunglasses and looked us straight in the eyes...put his forefinger to his thumb and let out and "ooohhhhh" as quickly as he showed his dispair for the disaster we caused he wlked up the steps and disappeared over the horizon. It was that moment that the reality of just how good that wine was struck us even deeper. I love that story and I can see very moment in slow motion. Just thought I would share. _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  12. through all the networking in the world... if any of you are or know someone who is an Indiana lawyer please PM me and I will give you my contact information. I need one ASAP! if at all possible before monday... I already have calls in to local lawyers, but thy are all closed till monday. please help. _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  13. offers an e-shoulder to lean on _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  14. Yoshi


    well... I decided to finally make one of those... [/url]myspace.com/indyoshi[url] _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  15. well.... I doubt Ill ever do that.. I am too accustomed to a house and would have a really hard time getting rid of all my space... not that its huge, but my 1800 sq ft houst with workshop in the garage is not something I would trade for a tent...lol. but I may consider becoming a weekend warrior again... after I get a job that can pay for it anyways _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  16. thanks... and I have been thinking about it more and more... getting back into the sport... of course it will take a few years to get everything back in order, but I may share the skies sooner than I thought with all of you again _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  17. may be slow by nature, but is kind and offers a friendship even when we only met once _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  18. thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. I really feel at a total loss and dont even know who I am anymore. I was on a path to enlightenment when the 4th quarter of 08 struck me with a vengance. I know I need to do everything I can for the best interest of my dear little girl. I wouldnt wish anything bad upon her in my life! I have been shit on before and have done many bad things and made poor decisions in the past. I just thought it would be different this time..after I got divorced several years ago I made the decision to be an honest and upstanding person and I led so much into that I seem to have lost a little of myself that I didnt want to. while things are at their worst right now I do know there will be a day when clarity strikes my path again. thanks again for everything and feel free (anyone) to pm me with advice to keep it a little more private...for those of you who already have I appreciate you. even though I have been out of the sport for so long it is good to know, even if it is just through the wonders of this site, that many of you still stand by my side and keep me in your thoughts. that is one aspect of skydiving that I have been graced with and am greatul to have met many of you and still have you in my life...even if it is on poor terms. _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  19. should remember that comment when she gets home...lol _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  20. is just trying to make me feel better.... and it worked a little _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  21. seems kinda shy, but sweet and has a good heart _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  22. Yoshi

    cheer me up

    cute... _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  23. Yoshi

    cheer me up

    yeah yeah... thats what all these posts are... tell a joke... make me laugh... say some kind words of encouragement... show me your tits (lol...that always has a way to putting a smile on my face)... just trying to pass the time till I pass the f out _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  24. true true... drinking and posting in this frame of mind are prob not the best.... thanks for your thoughts.... _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  25. no shit... I am at a complete loss . I dont know what to do... Im not sure if I should go with her plan , but if I fight that it will be knock down drag out... god... this sucks... what a fucking new year...I sit here alone drinking and posting... not knowing what the next minute will bring... all I need now is for my house to catch fire, my family to disown me and for her to get everything... I just wanna crawl under a rock edited to remove content _________________________________________ this space for rent.