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  1. if you are fuckin a cat in the ass, is that getting pussy?
  2. this one is nicer . . . . & this one is way cooler
  3. yeah - that answered my question - thx i did email cookie & then i did again & said "never mind"
  4. i was gonna post that cookie box - it has threads (30mm) 4 w/a lens . . .so that's not a prob a cheap $200 fix +s&h the other threads don't say if it flutter/shakes when freeflying . . . anyone know? i'd like to know - cuz if it don't - i'm down all it says here about the image stabilization is that it is "SteadyShot® Image Stabilization : Super SteadyShot® Image Stabilization"!?!? is that, like, ois or what? i'm gonna e-mail cookie & c what's up . .. i'll get back to ya . . .
  5. this looks more realistic there is video of the springtail (same engins - NOT car planform) in flight
  6. i thought you meant aggressive driving like this
  7. the pic is an xacto knife sans blade that's all i got
  8. maggots in vagina NOT 5 min more of same hottie zit squishing here
  9. i've heard of skydivers that have had broken femurs (broke the 'head' (the ball part that lives in your pelvis) off);also there have been broken necks - so i'm sure someone has had broken ribs on a hard opening
  10. GooManChew


    coulda been worse -last night a guy from 'my' dz gotta rested -dui
  11. how does one aquire a permit to jump in the nps? if you are fuc%ing a cat in the a$$ - is that getting pu$$y?
  12. afaik, i was changed in 2006 - to include the last phrase "it may be allowed pursuant to the terms and conditions of a permit." thanks brianfry713 for finding the reg (i'm lazy & knew someone would do it)
  13. i thought nps had a reg against 'aerial delivery' - that stemmed from people who would live in a np & have food/supplies dropped to them on a regular basis so they didn't have to leave