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  1. Sorry but certainly I missed something and excuse me for the stupid question. I have a Wings from june 2002. Should I be afraid of any problem with the reserve pin? I live in Uruguay, South America and it is a bit far away from Sunrise Rigging... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  2. Has anybody (you or others) asked USPA for this in writing? If somebody has sent a mail to USPA about it, wouldn't it be a good idea to make it available so we can resend it with our signature? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  3. Didn't vote because there should be an option for those of us who, depending on the jump prefer one thing or the other. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  4. 1,3 and 265 jumps. Some regulation is needed without going to extremes. It is absolutely clear that even with education people do very dangerous and silly things. One has to have the freedom to do dangerous and silly things if one wants to? NO! Why? Because it may endanger other fellow skydivers and affects our public image, which is important to keep us enjoying our sport with a minimum of external interference. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  5. This is not "why should I? I don't need to know about engines to drive a car!" We are driving Formula 1's or similar, bet you Schumacher knows some mechanics!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  6. Started jumping December 4, 1999, have 263 jumps to date. I average about 75 jumps a year and it is more than the normal average in my country where jumping is quite expensive due to fuel costs and expensive dollar. Anyway, every dollar spent in jumping has been more than worth it! As every dollar spent in the future will be! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  7. My father was quite supportive from the start. My mother was a different story. At the beginning she prayed for bad weather so I wouldn't be able to jump. After 2 months of nasty weather and no skydiving weekends, my mood was so terrible that she started praying for good weather!!! And since then she is fully supportive, she understood how important it is for my well being, how much I need this activity to clear my mind. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  8. I am not one of the best packers at all. I never do it fast. It takes me between 20 - 30 minutes when I'm in a hurry to catch another load. Many times it takes longer because I do it very slowly, with no pressure and no hurry. I have about 200 pack jobs and my canopy is a Tri 160. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  9. You are probably right concerning AFF. I spoke from my experience and from what I see but it concerns static line. For s/l I keep my advice. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  10. Simple choices: 1) You think that skydiving looks amazing and you would like to be a skydiver - try a tandem first 2) You know you want to be a skydiver - save your tandem money for your training HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  11. I bought mine with more than 200 jumps and there were 2 reasons for that. 1) Money - I didn't have the money right away and had to save it monthly. It took me 2 years because I wanted to have a totally new rig with cypres and that amounted to $ 4000 2) I wanted a canopy and a size that would be useful for me for a long time, so no use buying something relatively big to start with HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  12. Our group of skydivers gets a systematic gear check before boarding the plane on each flight, this is always done. We think it is very important, even if we check our equipment each time before putting it on we can miss something (it has happened). Unfortunately this is not common practice unless for students or recent license holders. A few seconds are nothing compared to the trouble we can avoid. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  13. The only occasions in which I do not pack it myself are: 1) A boogie. Time is usually short and it saves me time to chat with old and new friends, comment on jumps and activity and enjoy the whole boogie atmosphere. In this case I only give it to a trusted packer, the only two times I didn't I got many line twists that made me sweat! 2) In normal activity when a trusted colleague and friend offers himself to pack for me (I sometimes do for others). HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  14. Hahahahahaha.......... don't worry, I never felt we were at war! Peace and love (I'm a sixties man) Pedro HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  15. Ian Bellis from Aerodyne told me in a personal message that new Tris are in the production line but that none have been sold yet. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  16. Piece of trash and not resaleable in good condition, that's definitely NOT the case with Tri's, the options in the poll should not be considered under that false perspective. Or do you know otherwise? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  17. Don't know the exact date. It has to do with the new Aerodyne: "the renaissance is now" Would be nice to know the date. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  18. Aerodyne has changed the fabric of new Tri's to one that lasts even longer but does not have the same "non-slippery" characteristics. I am quoting Ian Bellis from Aerodyne when he states in a previous thread "Why then did we do it? Well the short answer is longevity. The Gelvenor fabric was developed to provide a fabric that was zero porosity but less slipery than others then on the market. While this fabric will maintain these characteristics for more jumps than most people will put on their canopies, the fabric we have switched to will last even longer. That was the reason for our switch, plain and simple." This poll poses a theoretical question since the vast majority of us has not packed the new Tri's to evaluate the difference. And, of course, old Tri's are very durable. So, just to evaluate the concept and see what Tri users think, vote so as to give Aerodyne a feedback. I prefer to pack easier but may be most prefer even longer lasting chutes. Just curious! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  19. So the new fabric lasts even longer than the former Tri's but is not less slippery than the other chutes in the market. That's the balance you made at Aerodyne and decided upon. May be you were right, it is difficult to argue not knowing the new product. I can only say that I LOVE the old Tri's fabric and it is difficult for me to imagine how much more lasting the new Tri's should be to compensate for the extra work while packing! Thank you very much for your answer. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  20. Thank you for answering but you got me confused: 1) Chemicals used were toxic. How come they weren't prohibited in the US? How toxic? Carcinogenic? What are the chemicals? 2) The fabric used on all Atairs canopies is the same minus the nonslippery chemicals? 3) Performance Textiles materials are those used now in the new Tri's? Thanks again, if you cannot answer all my questions maybe somebody other can. Blue skyes HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  21. I always thought: "it must be very nice". And one day I decided that if I liked it I should try it. And now! What's the use of waiting? One never knows what life has prepared for you. So I called phone information to ask for telephone numbers of Instructors, called 4, the one that returned my call got me as a student. So I started at 48, three and a half years ago. One of the best decisions in my life! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  22. Myself I have it since high school. Unless it is a very severe one, it shouldn't hinder you at all. At the most some difficulty arching which can be corrected with exercise and/or weights to prevent floating. Keep physically reasonably fit, that's the clue. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757