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  1. So 97% are due to own human mistake... and a further percentage that puts it near the 100% mark are due to mistakes made by someone other. My point is that equipment failure is absolutely exceptional nowadays. It definitely depends on where you put the bar for "safe". No doubt it is risky! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  2. It may sound as a contradiction but I say that: Skydiving is risky but safe Risky because you risk death everytime you jump out of an airplane Safe because human mistakes account for nearly 100% of accidents and human mistakes is what we can and should avoid by learning, training and knowing our limitations HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  3. Oh! As simple as that? Wow! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  4. It may sound as a contradiction but I say that Skydiving is risky but safe Risky because you risk death everytime you jump out of an airplane Safe because human mistakes account for nearly 100% of accidents and human mistakes is what we can and should avoid Deadly human mistakes can be done by any skydiver but those that push the limits have less margin. And the mistakes could affect others. I think it is very difficult to set general rules but I emphatically sustain the right of DZ's and event organizers to set rulings that they feel comfortable with so as to make their DZ's or events as safe as they can. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  5. Thanks, Nightingale, but as I don't live in the US I won't visit an american DZ in a while. Thanks anyway. May be others can guide me to it. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  6. The SIM 2004 states: .......................................................................... C. Medical requirements [NW] 1. All persons engaging in skydiving must: a. Carry a valid Class 1, 2, or 3 Federal Aviation Administration Medical Certificate; or b. Carry a certificate of physical fitness for skydiving from a registered physician; or c. Have completed the USPA recommended medical statement. ........................................................................... Where can I read it? What requirements does it include? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  7. Congratulations! I really would like my girlfriend to be my packer... As far as your question goes, helmets are definitely mandatory here in Uruguay and they sure help in all the circumstances already mentioned. They don't protect from the big hit but what does? They sure can save your life or prevent serious injury in smaller hits. The cons are by far not significant to outweigh the pros!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  8. Sorry that I don't get exactly what you mean by "Open up the center cell and pull it down to the slider (or all the way down to the slider rings as I do)." Could you describe it further, perhaps my english is not good enough. Thank you for your answer Pedro HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  9. I can only say that the time I tried to Psychopack my Tri 160 carefully following the instructions of the link above it took 1500 feet to open and it opened veeeeeery hard. After that I'm not trying again allthough I admit that once may be not enough trying. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  10. I fully agree! Talk him/her out of jumping or ground him/her. In this scenario grounding is not an act of fascism! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  12. What for? I have a Tri and it opens slowly and beatifully. What would the pocket on the slider correct? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  13. I suppose this poll is better suited for the Safwety & Training Forum. Anyway it raises an important subject. I do it before every jump, before boarding the plane AND on the plane while getting ready to jump. It sure is not a waste of time! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  14. I suppose freefly is not your option... For RW I really prefer a full face helmet with flip-up lens (personally I have a Z1). Reasons? * Full face protection from collisions * Less noise so better audibility for the audibles * With the flip-up you can still feel the air under canopy * With the flip-up it will be very difficult to fog if you close it after the door opens * With the flip-up it doesn't get so hot in summer Whatever you choose, enjoy!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  15. You got a lot of answers! Personally I would like to comment: * On my first 10 rides to altitude I kept thinking: What the hell am I doing here? Didn't happen from the 11th on * I am approaching my 300th jump and I can say that I always feel a certain level of aprehension, particularly in the first load of the day that smoothes out but never 100% with the following loads. I don't complain, I think it's healthy. I am not going for a walk, I am going to jump from an airplane! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  16. In Uruguay, South America, only mandatory for students. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  17. Good point, Kallend! May be Deronde will change the options his poll. Anyway, in Uruguay AAD's are mandatory only for students. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  18. There is a nudist beach here in Uruguay. We are planning a jump for this summer (January-February). Should be fun! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  19. You're absolutely right! But, anyway we got some more answers that are very welcome. And maybe it's time to think about the trend. 4% failures seem a lot to me! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  20. Just to put this thread on top of the list! Only 89 have answered the poll, it seems to me that there are lots more new rigs in town!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  21. Well, one of the reasons I love my Triathlon is it's nice, slow openings and I do not roll the nose, I just stuff it! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  22. 51:48 Wouldn't it be easier to start a poll? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  23. I passed test #1... Wheeew!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  24. I'll answer you by mail. Un abrazo HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  25. Thank you Pablito, lo haré... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757