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  1. They are probably both great but only one has proven background. Today I would buy a Cypres 2 because of that. In two or three years from now, if everything goes as expected I would buy the cheaper one. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  2. I suppose I have to call it a mal even if finally it settled without me having to do the emergency procedures. On jump #7 of my static line training (needed 17 static line jumps to open my parachute myself, I'm a slow learner), I was due to jump a spring pilot chute rig but the one that was ready to go was a free bag equipped rig. I jumped and felt that nothing was opening, nothing was happening. Mentally I said to myself "EMERGENCY" and put my hands on the handles. Before pulling I turned my head and took a look. Then I saw the canopy starting to deploy. It opened like hell, my back kept hurting for many days. What happened: the rigger forgot to connect the static line to the bag, so that the line pulled the container open but did not pull the bag. My unstable position and my turning to watch helped the bag out of the container and of the burble and the wind made the rest. What made me happy was to realize that on jump #7 I reacted without loosing my cool and was ready to perform the emergency procedure as trained. The rigger is a good friend that felt very bad for a long time... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  3. DEFINITELY YES!! About the other comments on this thread I would say that becoming a "dropzone rat" if you can could be the best way to calm your thirst for the sport and learn a lot. Equipment choices? Inform yourself, helps your learning but as far as what will be good for you... think that when you get off student status (4+ years from now if you need to be 18 or 2+ if you need to be 16) a lot may have changed. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  4. A simple NO is missing as an option... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  5. I'm a scuba diver too and it is amazing to realize (there was a poll on the subject some time ago) how many skydivers have engaged, engage or plan to engage in scubadiving (large majority). Although two very different sports they share discovery, adventure, adrenaline, personal achievement and friendship. They also share lifethreatening risk. It escapes my understanding why the scuba diving community would not like to share and learn from the incidents around the world. The only reason I can think of is that the attitude when you get into the sport is different. When you start skydiving and in the usual practice there is very systematic and serious talk about the risks involved. When you start and in the usual practice of scuba diving, the emphasis is far from the same. Underlying the attitude there may be the concept that scuba is so much safer, incidents are so less frequent, it is so unlikely that it may happen to you that you should not talk about it, it is unconfortable and it may give the sport bad reputation. To me it is a great mistake! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  6. come to FL, and we can do both. You live in a place where you are blessed to do both... Scuba is not fantastic down here in Uruguay but there is an original dive to do: scuba among the sea wolves, it's really fun, they play with you if you do not act menacingly. And in Punta del Este we have fantastic scenery for skydiving. So you can come down here. But my next activity in a foreign country will be in Cayo Largo, Cuba in August, they say it's fantastic for scuba. Wanna join? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  7. OK Ron, as I do not have anything in writing before me I cannot contradict your facts. You must be right. I don't remember my PADI Open water training stating the 60 feet rule but I cannot be 100% sure. I've been to 90+ feet before obtaining my PADI Advanced but, as you say, it may be wrong policy from the diving operator. If I catch up with my PADI literature and it says something different I'll be back. It would be nice to meet you, sky or water. Who Knows? Somewhere, sometime... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  8. Open water certification is for more than 60 feet. The usual first dive of a multi dive journey is to around 90 feet. You can go to 130 feet for a very short time without needing decompression. Anyway, that is not the point. The point is that if your buddy is doing something stupid that may kill him you do your best to prevent, avoid, help. But how could you if you are not there? If you are not there you can be rightfully accused of negligence. And negligence is the point, waiver or not, one should be responsible for negligence. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  9. As much as I hate it and hate lawsuit lawyers (I'm an MD, you know!), you got the point in this case. They abandoned the buddy system and it could have made all the difference. Intentional damage must be suitable, waiver or not. Negligence should be suitable , waiver or not. NO MORE, NO LESS!!! Suing for events where the operators, instructors, etc. had no responsibility (unfortunately, very common) is done by "hijos de p..." (sons of b......). There are many of them! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  10. "Whoring" is an unfriendly, undeserved term for all those who work for money to make a living or to jump HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  11. Hey!!! Right on target! It is so amazing that all my aquaintances say that I literally glow when I talk about my sport.... hahahahahaha.... and it's true! I love it, I love freefall, I love canopy flying, I love the excitement, the adrenaline, the flying and the beauty of it. I only hate packing but I accept it as the price to pay. We skydivers should be grateful for how fortunate we are to be able to practice such a sport! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  12. Re: [gus] Wings owners: where do you stow your excess brake line? - NEW [In reply to] Quote | Reply -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before you push the top break horn through its keeper hook the loop of excess break line over the top of it. Then hook the two loops of excess break line created by this move under the bottom horn before pushing that through its keeper. Your break line will then be neatly s-folded along the side of the break and kept tight and away from any snag risk. I think there’s a pdf on the sunpath website showing a very similar method, but it should be good for any Velcro-less toggle set up. ****************************************** That's what I do. If the manufacturer ever tells you about a better way, let me know. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  13. There was a thread started by me almost 2 years ago;search_string=flip-up%20lens;#416942 I chose a Z1 and am very, very happy!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  14. So you're saying that if an AAD misfires the fault is in that you wore a reserve parachute? I guess you could look at it that way. I didn't mean exactly that. I meant that an absolutely indisputable item like a reserve parachute is involved in a double out. But I got your point. Anyway, I keep thinking that the pros way outweigh the cons and therefore it should be made mandatory. But it's just my opinion. It would be interesting to know the Moderators opinion. due to their knowledge and experience. Peace and love! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  15. An AAD can kill you. I think that's why they should stay optional. Could you be some more specific? Because if it concerns the two out scenario, I would say that if you do not wear a reserve parachute it won't happen... but you do wear a reserve parachute. Pros of wearing it way outlast the cons, for reserve parachutes and I would say nearly as well for AAD's. That is why I think they should be mandatory as they are in more and more countries. Honestly I do not believe, based in facts, that they should be optional because of the risk of doble out. With all due respect, and admitting that I may be wrong since I am very far away from being a top experienced skydiver, once again, pros way outlast cons. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  16. Since this is the GENERAL SKYDIVING DISCUSSIONS FORUM it's great to joke and have fun! If it were the SAFETY & TRAINING FORUM I am sure we would have already heard from Moderators stating that one should not make fun of well proven safety measures that have saved so many lives!!! If one would ask if reserve parachutes are mandatory one would get the same sample of funny answers, including the marshmallows and double nets... But activated AAD's are very important for safety, very close to regularly repacked reserve parachutes! I think they should be as mandatory as reserve parachutes are. I cannot think of any reasonable argument against. The $$$ argument is understandable but not valid in such a risky sport which is quite expensive and an AAD does not add significantly to the overall cost of skydiving!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  17. Over here, in Uruguay we kiss hello all the time as the standard social attitude. No more Herpes infections due to that!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  18. No place in this poll for us common mortals who never completed 25 or more... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  19. What can I say? The most heartfelt congratulations form this far corner of the world! Hope we had a Queen to honor and the money to finance the 400 way... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  20. I answered that I always do it myself and it is not exactly so. Most of the times I do it myself and very seldom a trusted colleague does it for me. The only times in which I pay are in boogies where you have to be fast between loads and also want to have time to comment and fraternize with people you don't see much or just get to know. I think it is important to, at least, keep yourself up-to-date and trained with packing. By the way: I HATE TO PACK! And it is no joke, I really don't like it but I really believe it is a "necessary evil"... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  21. The short answer is, YES! Considering that CReW involves inserting yourself into another's lines and / or risers, when things go wrong, a hook knife can be a life saver. And, as someone else pointed out, you don't need to be doing CReW in order to find yourself in a situation where a knife can be a life saver. Stay safe, Mike Thank you! "If it is so it should be mandatory because you may be affecting others than yourself." I suppose you agree with that... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757