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  1. I`m glad it was just the ear wax problem, once the eardrum is normal again you`ll be up for a brilliant skydiving future! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  2. I wouldn`t save the trip. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  3. GREAT FUN, ENJOY!!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  4. Sorry but I have to repeat that.... you do not know what is happening go and see a specialist before you go on jumping because you may have a problem that can cause permanent damage to your hearing in a pressure changes environment! I am a physician and that is why I posted what I did. No bad vibes, I just want you to be on the safe side! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  5. There was a similar thread very recently. ear problems may be due to congestion and, in that case, Sudafed may be adequate (depending on how congested) but THE most important thing is.... as you do not know what is happening go and see a specialist before you go on jumping because you may have a problem that can cause permanent damage to your hearing in a pressure changes environment! THIS SHOULD NOT BE A FORUM FOR MEDICAL ADVICE. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  6. Please, check your ears with a physician. There is a possibility that you could have some sort of ear obstruction that may be dangerous to your hearing in an environment of pressure changes. It would be better if you do it before you jump again. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  7. I live in South America and have bought different things on different occasions from them, including a complete rig. Never had a problem and also had excellent customer service! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  8. I don't understand this....there is nothing in the world that occupies my mind when I'm in the air other than what's going on from take-off to landing. That's one of the beauties of it for me...the whole world could go to pot and I wouldn't care as long as it doesn't interfere with the jump. If I'm not mistaken, you are not frmjmpr. Me too, when I jump there is nothing else but.... sometimes, when I have something bugging me that is not easy to put aside it has interfered with my jumping abilities. Simply that, no offense meant! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  9. The right answer isn't in the poll. Something's bothering you that does not let you concentrate on your jumps. You should figure that out. It is the only reasonable explanation apart from rustiness due to prolonged inactivity. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  10. Is that positively so? I didn't lie, I just wasn't a skydiver when I bought it. But now I am way past the two year period. I was considering paying more to cover skydiving but according to what you state it would not be necessary... Never asked the company, though. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  11. I understand and from a safety point of view it is reasonable. A uruguayan D license, 500+ jumps, USPA and FAI membership hope qualify me as acceptable to hold hands in freefall... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  12. Why not? I sent an email asking for more information. How far is it from DC? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  13. I'll be in Washington DC for a few days in July. What would be the best DZ choices to make a friend do a once in a lifetime tandem jump with me holding her hand in freefall? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  14. As far as I know it is designed to be put in the liner just below. If you put it in the hardshell part your mouth will not be correctly placed related to the ventilation opening in it and you probably will fog the visor while exhaling through your mouth. Your nose will also have a greater chance of touching the visor (depends on size, of course, mine does!). HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  15. What can I say? It is very personal. When I started I was 48, separated two years earlier, with 4 kids, the youngest 7 years old. Now I am 54, divorced and ready to marry in September, no more kids but still jumping. And I am certainly going to go on jumping as long as health and money allow it. Skydiving is the sport that is better suited for my wishes, likings and abilities. And it helps me ease the stress and cope with the hardships of my profession. My future wife will never be a skydiver, not even do a tandem jump and she does not go to the DZ because she scares to death until the moment I open the chute. But she knows that skydiving is a very important part of my life, that I am a very safety concerned skydiver as are my friends with whom I jump. Of course skydiving is not safe. A few years ago I started a thread and a poll (you may do a search) stating "skydiving is risky but safe" and I got pounded! With reason... But what I meant was that it is safer than many other risky sports... what does not mean that you cannot get killed even if you do everything right... although the odds are very low! Concerning kids, one did a tandem jump, another will shortly and the younger one will later. They never had a negative attitude over skydiving. Life is short, as years go by it is more difficult to be alive and healthy, one should reward oneself and try and do what one desires. Anyway, back to the start of my reply. It is very personal and as long as you feel comfortable and know that you will continue to do so with whatever you decide... it's OK!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  16. What's the title of the video in Skydiving Movies? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  17. 1) In this case it was my rigger. And yes, it is indeed rare...¿? 2) The brake stows are secure HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  18. First let me describe the malfunction, statistics say that there is one emergency every 500 jumps... well, mine was in jump 499! I jump a Tri 160 in a Wings container with a MRaven 150 as reserve with Cypres and RSL. My wingloading is 1,4. Uneventful freefall with good relative work in a 7 way. Track, stabilize, pull in a very stable position at 3000 feet. Canopy deploys with many, many linetwists. I watch that it is deployed but it starts spinning. A couple of seconds to make sure that it looks not easy to untwist, spins turn faster, cut, reserve, beautiful white canopy, 2000 feet, uneventful landing. Now here come my doubts. Another skydiver who watched my emergency from above assured me that there was no lineover. My Tri 160 is very stable, it has opened twisted before but never entered in a spin. My rigger asked me if I had unstowed the brakes because he found them unstowed. I did not. When untwisting a canopy I never unstow them before finishing the procedure. So both brakes were unstowed. 1) Were they not stowed when packing? I stow them in the field and hand my parachute to my rigger. So a) I did not stow them and the rigger didn't notice b) I stowed them somehow loose and they unstowed while putting the bag in the harness. 2) If both brakes were unstowed, why did I have an emergency? An experienced skydiver told me that the slider could have got stuck on one side and that put me in a spin. 3) That both brakes get unstowed at the same time during opening seems impossible, right? I'll probably never be sure of what happened but I would like some input of the experienced Dropzoners... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  19. That's my definiton!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  20. They are not mandatory in Uruguay beyond student status.... but they should! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  21. That's a good point. I had become focused on whether the one jump where an accident happened would have been worth the payoff. BUt you are right, you have to consider the entire length of the experiences you have had. Thanks for that. Agreed HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757