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  1. Well!!.. 1) I agree with your concern on smoking in the packing area and your concern on your relationship with the DZ people. 2) About the first one, it certainly can damage rigs, nobody is foolproof to be able to exclude accidents. The risk is there and it seems foolish to deny it. Plus the second hand smoke problem which I care about as you also certainly do. 3) About the second one, it's up to you to use the thoughts on this thread to talk to the DZ people or not. It is your evaluation of your chances of success and on how it could strain relations. If it's not possible, it also is your evaluation to choose to drive more hours as many people do. Good luck! In your place I wouldn't stay if circumstances don't change but I can only respond for myself, I am not you. Whatever your decision, if you feel comfortable with it, it's a good decision. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  2. It happened to me last November. My final was into the wind and around 30 feet from the ground I see a canopy in a straight 180 degree collision course. Small flat turn to my left, collision avoided and no harm. After a deep breath, gathering my chute and walking to the packing area I look after him, very mad!!! In fact, he is a very nice guy with an experience level similar to mine who was absolutely shocked, he just had got mixed up and had confused landing patterns. I sure didn`t tell him he was pretty (in fact, he isn`t...) but my anger went away because I saw he was truly sorry, acknowledged the enormous mistake he had made and, in the end, no harm was done. But, WOW!!! Always watch every angle while landing, never stop being aware of other people landing! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  3. I really would like to know the age of the 2 that answered 80 or more... Or was it a joke? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  4. With all due respect I very honestly disagree. Packing may be simple once you learned how to pack but certainly it is not difficult to mess up when you get distracted while doing it or in a hurry! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  5. Well, he has to be the King Dinosaur. Maybe I can be the Queen. May be there is an Emperor Dinosaur (started at 79 or older)???? Two people marked 80 or more in the poll. I would love to know!!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  6. Definitely! Unless you settle for less protection. Not my case. I would like to add that leather helmets are "worse", logically. Jumping backwards from the platform of a Casa 212 I knocked my head against the side and for a couple of seconds I didn`t know where I was. I can only imagine what could have happened if I were wearing a leather helmet instead of my Z1! Love my Z1! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  7. I do agree with you. Some years ago I started a poll on the concept "skydiving is risky but safe" and, after much criticism on the concept "skydiving is one of the "safest" risky sports" and it was definitely controversial. I certainly believe the latter. You can mitigate risks, manage them, and be as safe as you can, but that does not make the sport safe absolutely true. That there are sports that imply more risks than skydiving or risks that are less controlable, also. That "safe" sports like jogging imply risks, also (my wife broke an elbow as she tripped jogging). That there are sports that imply less lethal risks but more non lethal risks, also (even bowling has non lethal risks). Whatever, back to your definition that for me, is perfect: You can mitigate risks, manage them, and be as safe as you can, but that does not make the sport safe HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  8. Wear contacts if you can. I cant wear contacts on the ground, let alone in the air. Of course! My advice, and I'm sorry but I thought it was obvious, is only meant for those that are comfortable with contacts on the ground... Sorry! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  9. I use "One Day Accuvue" since I started jumping in December 99. That makes more than seven years and 600 jumps. Only once did I lose the lens of one of my eyes and it didn't affect my landing performance. It's been three years since I use a full face Z1 but it worked fine with goggles before. My losing the lens was so uneventful that I had a hard time remembering the "incident" while replying to this post and I can't even remember which jump it was on and what helmet I was wearing! My advice? Definitely use contacts! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  10. Mine deployed as fast as possible, no delays!!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  11. My Tri 160 takes about 500 feet to open. Never had your problem. May be trying with a rigger is a good suggestion. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  12. I didn't vote because I'm from overseas so liability insurance is not my point and I don't feel I know enough to give an opinion on how well USPA is working. My point is Parachutist magazine, USPA membership allows me to have it, otherwise it would be impossible. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  13. One more difference and may be it will lead you to agree with me: When, as you say, "you choose to every time you're on the freeway" and do not turn the steering-wheel in the curve ahead, you may get killed (may) or just severely injured or lucky to escape with bruises or minor injuries. "In our sport, every single time you practice it, you (or your AAD) have to open a canopy. If not, your chance of dying is 100%." I think it's pretty fair to call it extreme... HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  14. Every time you're driving fast with your car, and you approach a turn in the road, you have to turn that steering-wheel. Or you'll die. Damn, driving a car is really extreme. Precisely, driving you can choose to drive fast or not. Skydiving you have no choice, it's always 100%. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  15. That's why I didn't vote. No such option. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  16. Amazing how 17% (at the time I voted) can state that it isn't extreme. Your definition is perfect. It is even more extreme than others so considered. In our sport, every single time you practice it, you (or your AAD) have to open a canopy. If not, your chance of dying is 100%. And you cannot settle for non-fatal injuries, however severe. You just don't have the chance. It's death or death. How many of the so called extreme sports are like our's? Very few if there are. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  17. As far as I know this is an unusual incident. The "closing pin" or whatever it is called was correctly in place? Of course. I had contact lenses so I always made doubly sure Thank you. Good to know. I am starting to sit fly and am using my Z1. No problem up to now... May be others could tell if they had the same problem. HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  18. As far as I know this is an unusual incident. The "closing pin" or whatever it is called was correctly in place? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  19. It's been many years since I use a Skytronic on my helmet. Recently I got a Neptune and I started using it as a visual altimeter. I'm setting them for ground altitude simultaneously but I notice three differences in every jump: 1) 40 to 70 feet difference in altitude readings while ascending (Skytronic higher) 2) Differences in deployment altitude around a few hundred feet (Skytronic lower) 3) Logically more freefall time (2 or 3 seconds) in Skytronic Is this usual? What's the explanation? Position of the altimeter, hand movement, something wrong with one of them, other? Which data are the more real ones? HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  20. Yep! I think this is THE moment that is common ground to all jumps regardless of their type (FF, Big ways, etc.) HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  21. Other... Packing is an essential part of instruction HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757