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  1. Yes, luckily he was wearing a helmet. That reminds me of the risks that people take by not wearing them! I sure understand that it is more confortable not to but... even if the odds of needing it are very small, why take that risk? And one could also discuss hard versus leather helmets but at least wear a helmet!!! HISPA # 18 POPS # 8757
  2. Nobody had a Triathlon in my country. But in Parachutist I read it's advertised characteristics and it attracted me. Then I spoke to my Instructor who had jumped one many years ago and remembered particularly it's high stability. He readily encouraged me to buy one. I just got my Tri 160 and gave it a try. And it sure keeps it's promises! Great stability, very responsive, allows nice, sharp, exciting turns, flies very well upwind, flares beautifully, very good canopy for someone who is not looking for a radical one but still wants to feel the excitement that canopy flying can deliver. Openings are very smooth and on heading. It is also quite an easy job to pack, unlike most (all?) ZPO's, essential for a sloppy packer like myself. If you are looking for a very nice, exciting, easy packing non-radical canopy, Triathlon is an excellent option!