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  1. I wouldnt use this as a method for detecting dangerous levels. It will detect and light up with perfectly harmless levels too. As a kid there were some normal electricity pylons nearby my house and holding a normal flourescent tube near the base of the pylon would light up the tube with a dim glow. The first star wars film was just hitting the box office at the time and playing with our own flourescent lightsabres was unreal as kids (so long as we didnt actualy hit each other with them :))
  2. Just for all the non English folk reading this thread. When reading this article, its worth taking into account that its been published in the Daily Mail, which is at best, a comic style scandal sheet that is well known for just making stuff up to fill up space, and very little it prints is true.
  3. No. In the Oxford English Dictionary it is Organise. And the language is after all ENGLISH
  4. I notice the guy is wearing what appears to be motorcycle leathers complete with velcro fastened resin Knee sliders. I can maybe see why hes wearing leathers if hes playing with fire, but why fit knee sliders. Hes not exactly going to be getting his knee down in a corner at altitude :)
  5. Is that a posh way of saying you fell off ?:) Im glad you are not hurt and you can smile about it.
  6. Dont get me wrong. Im not having a dig at you, and it was a pretty damn cool picture. I enjoyed looking at it anyway and I think it should stay :) It was a serious question though. I do understand not naming sites for the most part and its a sensible policy in a lot of cases, but when its an international landmark like that building or the french bridge, I think not naming them is taking the rule a bit far so to speak. I mean its the tallest building in the world. You cant really hide its identity for long... Im just bored and playing devils advocate :)
  7. Just a curious but serious question. How is this acceptable as 'not naming sites or posting identifying pictures', but the thread with the picture of the equaly, or argueably more famous, worlds biggest bridge in France got deleted as site naming? Just as an outsider it seems that there are slightly different rules depending on the day of the week. Ive noticed this a few times recently. Im not going to comment further. Just an observation is all...
  8. CBRnick

    TF in late April

    Sounds like more than a bit of self denial gong on there :)
  9. Dont bite my head off if Im wrong, just playing devils advocate for a moment :) Im not a base jumper so this is just an outsiders observation as it were, but this is a serious question. The quote ive picked out here, isnt this what effectively all FJC's do? If an English skydiver with no base experience did a well respected FJC in Twin falls for instance. When this skydiver travels back to the UK, if he then began to behave 'badly' wouldnt he be in exactly the same situation that the guy this post is about is in? If the guy who does the twin falls FJC was a real solid guy at the time of the course then turns out to be a real arse at a later date, would the twin falls FJC instructors also be disrespectful? Seems that with your point of view, it would mean that if this guy turns out not to be an asset to the community, Uli will get the blame for the behavour of someone he once trained who is now completely outside his control. This isnt a snide dig at the original poster or anyone else. Its a genuine question.
  10. CBRnick

    Smart Armour

    Er, cornflour custard mix and water...?
  11. Ah well, it was just a thought and it might have worked :)
  12. This is just a guess, so it may or may not work. Have you tried using a program like DVDSanta or something similar to rip the encoded DVD to a high quality mpg or avi, then re encode it again back to DVD in the normal way to ntsc or whatever format you require ? Actualy its a while since I looked at DVDSanta, but if memory serves me right, it can do the entire process from PAL DVD to mpg and back to NTSC DVD again. If you dont compress it at all, it will take some time to do the encoding, but you should lose little or nothing quality wise in the conversion. That might not be the answer, but its worth a look if thats what you need to do. Edit: I dont think dvdsanta would handle the menu, so you would still need to do what you say and recreate the menus in ntsc seperately
  13. CBRnick

    Smart Armour

    Yes you can, as long as its cornflour custard and not egg custard. They dont have the same properties. There is a program on tv in the UK called Brainiacs, and they recently did an episode where they filled a pool with it and then ran across it a few times. They didnt sink into it till the bloke stopped moving, then he started to sink. They had quite a job pulling him out as it kept going hard around his legs when they pulled him upwards. There is a smaller thing Ive been shown that you can do to see how cornflour goes solid. Mix a large bowl of cornflour custard. Then put a fork into it about an inch deep, and pull the fork rapidly to the other side of the bowl. It leaves a solid groove which then turns back to liquid and the groove fills. Or dip you hands in and scoop as much of the cornflour custard up with two scooped hands. Then start to roll it rapidly between your hands. Keep rolling it about and within a very short time it forms up into a sticky ball thats quite solid for as long as you keep it rolling between your hands. Then stop rolling and try to hold the ball in your fingertips. It just turns back into liquid custard and gloops back into the bowl (assuming your hands are still over the bowl :)). Its quite wierd to see. So long as you use proper cornflour custard and not egg custard it will work, and if you want to fill a bath with it, you can stomp on it and you wont sink into it. Stand still for a second and walk on it too slowly though and you will sink into it.
  14. CBRnick

    Smart Armour

    The 3do armour is only avialable directly from the manufacturer I think if it is actually avialable at all yet. No idea about price but Im guessing that its going to be expensive. I havent seen it other than in pictures. The Hiprotec armour which is the Hein Gerricke version (1st generation of this type of armour) thats been avialable for some time can be ordered from any Hien Gerricke reseller, although I dont think they keep it in stock. This I have seen and I have it in the shoulders and elbows/forearms and knees/shins in my Bike leathers. Its soft flexible and rubbery with one side of the armour covered in soft rubbery 'bobbles' that you can move about and deform with your fingers. Its around 8mm thick, very soft and follows the contours of your arms and moves with you. It feels warm to the touch and is very comfortable. Unlike CE aproved armour which you are always aware of, you forget these are on. Ive also got a Dave Odell Forceshield back protector which I believe has a centre core of the same material. This has a plastic casing, but its still very thin and flexible and comfortable to wear. As for how effective it is in a smash its difficult to say. I had a smash a week ago when I was hit from behind by a car that didnt brake in time. I was spat off pretty fast and thrown down the road and clipped the back corner of the car in front of me with the momentum. My injuries are a friction burn on my kneecap from the inside of the leathers, a VERY bruised knee and a few bruises down my left side. How much of this is luck and how much is attributable to the armour I cant say, other than my left knee that took the brunt of the impact on the tarmac. The armour is still intact, and my leathers pretty scuffed. Its a fair statement to say Id have a smashed kneecap now if I didnt have the armour and leathers on. Did it give me better protection than normal thick armour ? No idea and I cant say, but it did work. How well it worked is hard to quantify as Im not going to chuck myself down the road again with CE armour to test it. Hope that helps :)