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  1. Can you please post pictures with the original setup and with your modifications please? I have seen the problem you mention when the mount is too close to the hand and I was just curious to see the actual results you got.
  2. Dropzone focused mostly on First Time Jumpers
  3. I could agree more!!! My girlfriend and I had the best experience ever in that DZ. The staff make us feel home. I wish I could go there more often! Brad definitely go beyond what one could expect. Cheers!
  4. I went to Vegas in a business trip with my GF and this is a dropzone where I will come back as many times as I possibly can. The owner (Brad) treated us well since the phone call when we asked if they would take fun jumpers. I had to work during the week so my GF went there solo first and she had a great reception. She mention that after a couple hours felt like it was her home DZ. I went there the following day and was treated the same way and they made everything you can possibly think to make us feel comfortable. The staff was joking and playing all day long keeping the best possible mood during all times its contagious! They take safety very serious, and beyond the traditional waiver signature they ask us to listen to all safety briefings and as soon as they felt we would not be dangerous we were good to go. Not saying they are anal about procedures, but clearly they want to warn people about all the risks. The staff went beyond and above everything we would expect, staying there late, inviting us to join them for dinner and much more. Brad even arranged some night jumps in that very same week when he heard my girlfriend was having a hard time to get it done for her ratings. That is something even in home DZ, Crosskeys she was having a hard time to get it done. He just called a couple of his buddies and we were up the next day for those jumps. After all that we defer some sightseeing in Vegas, just to spend more time with these guys! Unbelievable.... Friendly Staff, Good Airplane, wonderful people and a unique scenery. It is a must go!
  5. I have to agree to Shoot. I've been using my PC-1000 for a while and I haven't seen flutter or focus problem during free fall or openings. I'm using a safire2 and maybe that helps a little on not having hard openings (...just sometimes with my sloppy packing job).
  6. If the beathtaking view, great airplane going at 15000 very fast, good facilities good equipment for rent and nice infraestructure were not enough, they have just the best people ever!!! I got the best introduction to the DZ by Raff and the other folks and after less than 2 hours hanging around I was felling as a family member! I definetely will be back there at the first opportunity and indicate to everyone in the world!!! They also shown a great sense of responsability regarding security and as beeing a foreigner I would not jump if I didn't get all documentation needed and has proved have some experince to them! Again, great people!!!
  7. I just realize you are completely right! I have a certification exam in september and all classes are on Sundays. There is no way to get my attention to something else other than the sky (and skydive) on these days. If I keep this pace I'm sure I'll fail!!!!