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  1. Was sitting at home bored flipping through my hard dirve full of video's and had a stock of stuff from 2010 and slammed this little shameless self promotion video of some lines I did last year. Check it out if you like enjoy or not; I know I did. Shane Murphy
  2. Glad you liked it we will keep you updated on the release Shane Murphy
  3. Posted up a trailer from the action and fun we had in 2008, some great footage with some great friends the full release is coming in 2009 hope you enjoy it . Shane Murphy
  4. I have seen this done before but it was a BASE jump and the WS pilot actualy flew for a while Shane Murphy
  5. I'll forward him the info. But I must say that I always thought it is a horrible name for a tracking suit. Shane Murphy
  6. Does any one want to get rid of a Matter Tracer or a tracking suit I have a friend on the prowl for one asap he is 6 foot tall and 185lbs Shane Murphy
  7. Shane Murphy
  8. Bring the crowd down to San diego and I'll come fly i don't want to go to elsinore and get my gear all dusty :). Shane Murphy
  9. The jump after it wasn't much better either Shane Murphy
  10. Just an un-related side joke go to google then to maps then click get directions and get directions from New York, New York to Paris, France and read the directions specifically line 23 (I thought it was funny) Shane Murphy
  11. Haha I hate to pick fights with people but that is some dumb ass shit to say. There could be newbees reading your post and getting un safe advice. I jump a extremley fast and highly loaded braced experimental canopy and I am very very comftorble flying it I am allways pushing it to new limits and I feel comftorble to fly it in all situations except Wingsuit jumps. I have a dedicated wingsuit rig with dynamic corners, a reserve as my main a large hole slider, 9' bridle, and a vented 36" PC. the reason I chose to jump this configuration is because it is safer and built for the task. The canopy opens in 200' so I can open lower it allways opens on heading, the 9' bridle helps further ensure that my PC will reach clean air, The PC is larger to ensure it grabs as much air as possible and is vented to reduce ocilation, the container has dynamic corners to ensure the bag does not spin when coming out of the container. For most wingsuit pilots the body position of their deployment is far different from a freefly or RW jump. I personaly don't shut down my wingsuit and go in to vertical freefall prior to deployment I pull in full flight and keep flying till I am under my canopy. Just FYI this is all coming from someone who is not a saftey paraniod guy. I have had no chops and I have done some crazy things like deploying head down, deploying while back tracking ect. But I chose not to deploy a HP canopy at 2000' while flying a wingsuit. Shane Murphy
  12. Good advice from Spizzzarko as allways. Here is what I have to add. Ok so here is the deal you are not going to slow to be using your rears. You do not have to be hauling ass to use your rears knowing how to use them in all flight speeds is vital to know if you ever want to compete (when the time comes for you, you will know why). You did hold on to them for too long but more importantly you were too deep in them, rears are used to trim the wing out not create lift (that is a job for the toggles) here are some things you can review rears trim out your canopy to level flight and maintain speed. If you use too much rears you expose the bottom of the canopy which will slow you down very fast (watch your video you can see what I mean) the canopy is pointed up exposing the bottom of the wing which becomes a gian brake. what you want to do is trim the canopy out to level flight not more than that just before you begin to sink out you need to transfer to toggles. if you are too deep in rears or rode them too far you will see the tail of the wing snap back up just before you flare and you can usualy hear a pop/thunk sound indicating that you did either (listen to your video you can hear it) I hope this helps you. keep it up be safe and ask questions you are on the right track Shane Murphy
  13. Sinister


    Any locals? Any info would be appreciated. Shane Murphy
  14. It is low res so it is kind of hard to see but the deployment is pretty simple. Shane Murphy
  15. Ok well this is not a round and it is not a square but it is one of my favorites just because of how interesting the design is and how low the pack volume is (look at the 2nd pic to see what I mean) Shane Murphy