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  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, but reading this really wound me up. text below taken from [URL][/URL] [Quote] You would think people in the sport would pause after such an accident, taking time to consider their own mortality and to show respect for those who died. Not Sunday. Not at the Parachute Center. After the 1 p.m. accident, witnessed by travelers on Highway 99 and, presumably, those watching at the Parachute Center, it was business as usual. ... were closed until it could be determined exactly what went wrong. And out of simple respect for those killed and injured. That wouldn't have been too much to ask Sunday at the Parachute Center.[/Quote] I didn't know the jumpers involved so cannot and will not speak on their behalf, but personally, I would expect business as usual and people to pay any respect to me by continuing to jump and doin the thing which brings us all so much joy. if it takes witnessing an accident for you to undertake that risk management argument then you have left it way too late in your skydiving career if you ask me! Vent over! Blue Skies.
  2. lol, it works but I need to feed her plenty redbull!
  3. I just went out and tried to get stable as quickly as possible, practice pulls, turns, nothing interesting I just enjoyed being out there alone. Now the rest of the consoles mind you were good, falling out backwards watching the plane never got boring!
  4. I think it was just how it sat while I took the photo mainly, but will keep an eye on it, thanks dude.
  5. Picked up my new rig On Tuesday and she looks pretty as hell!!
  6. That's entirely possible, and a good idea! It wouldn't surprise me if someone is working on that now. i think he may have been refering to the brake line stows Yes sorry I should have been more clear, I was referring to Brake Line Stows using magnets instead of velcro.
  7. We now have magnetic riser covers which seem fantastic, how about magnetic line stows? Has the same ease and use as velcro, just without the maintenance and pile > line issues???
  8. I had to land out on my 3rd\4th AFF Console, still being dispatched by an Instructor so I didn't know how to spot on anything really. The wind picked up and on a 280 manta I was going backwards at a fair pace, by 2.5 grand i was nowhere near the PLA, and starting to float over a motorway (freeway). looked behind and saw electricity pilons and a whole host of other crap, turned downwind and flew straight over the lot to a clear field probably 4-5miles away from the DZ. Turned into wind, landed backwards with a PLF, and just though WTF do i do now? Picked up my gear walked to the closest road (probably about a mile!) some kind driver picked me up and drove me back. Moral of the story, keep your wits, and never stop looking around, don't be afraid to land miles away from the DZ if it's the safer option, and make your decision as high as possible. Chris
  9. I've just gone from a Falcon to a SabreII, there is obviously going to be a big difference, the SabreII is much better to fly and I have much more fun on it. That said, I like the Falcon, it was cheap, got me in the air, never had a problem with landings, stood them all up in all different wind speeds (inc nil wind). The openings can be hard sometimes, but that is down to packing, i found it better to flat pack and roll the nose 2-3 times (roll the outside 4 cells inwards), after this opens fine, and best of all??????.............................................It's the easiest canopy I've ever packed!!!!!!!! Another good thing about Falcon over end cell closure!!!!!! I've kept my Falcon (in my old rig) as a backup rig for when my Cypress has to go off for servicing!!
  10. Nice one, cheers mate. Chris
  11. Hi, Just got a new Wings (well new to me anyway), tried searching the forums and the Sunrise website but cannot find an electronic user manual. Anyone got a copy they could send me please? Cheers
  12. good reply, this is the reason I hardly check anymore, people dare not ask questions without getting flamed or criticised. If you don't have an direct answer for the question posed, why bother posting?? Get out more!! Edit: not aimed at first 2 replies, good answers. Least I learned from those posts!
  13. LOL, $100 a pack job and a packboy made up of a crowbar and rope!
  14. So now there is no weight limit, and you don't need skill to deploy or land on target!! [URL][/URL]