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  1. Fabulous views on the ride to altitude (and in freefall if you're paying attention!) Mt McKinley, Knik Glacier, Chugach Mts, and Dall Sheep or moose if you're lucky. Nice big landing area with plenty of outs if you're paying too much attention to the scenery. Now with a proper manifest and toilet!
  2. There was an identical incident in Hibaldstow (England) about 6 years back
  3. I was scared sh*tless until jump 85 (after that I was just scared) I still get a bit scared and I've over 900 jumps now. I don't think it ever goes away completely
  4. ijinak


    I bough a Sabre2 135 about 5 years ago. It always opens nice and soft, flies straight even with mega twists (useful on my wingsuit) and lands really nice with a bit of speed in zero winds. I bought a Sabre 150 to jump with my wingsuit, but the Sabre2 is just so darn stable I got rid of it. All said and done, a great piece of gear sports fans!
  5. ijinak


    I've had mine 5 years and it's been great. It does tend to ride down the thighs a bit in sitfly because of the hip rings, but a bit of elastic between the legstraps cures that. It's just a bit of a pain having to keep removing it to jump the wingsuit