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  1. Hope this helps http://www.amazon.com/Skies-Call-Three-Andy-Keech/dp/095033412X
  2. Go back to where you bought it & ask for connector links and risers for your parachute or Google it. But for your purposes, I would suggest something different. The easiest way would be to untangle the lines & lay the canopy out flat so you have a big circle. There is an inside & outside to the canopy. The outside is determined by looking at the skirt, (bottom) where the lines are sewn & it should be obvious which is the outside as lines are sewn to add strength to the parachute & hold it together in the air. With me so far? Now lay the outside of the canopy on the floor & spread it out. Untangle the lines & spread them out evenly off the big circle of the canopy. Now find a big solid circle to attach the end of the lines to, a bicycle rim comes to mind. Get your fans ready & turn em on.
  3. At that time there was a club in Rochester NH which jumped at a nearby airport in Sanford Maine. I jumped there with a bunch of guys whose names escape me now. The club president was a guy by the name of Charlie Dame. He was a cop in Rochester NH and at the time was probably in his mid 40's. He was also an Area Safety Officer for the PCA (Parachute Club of America).