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  1. stitch

    How much would you pay for...

    230sqft. zp main might be a bit of a squeeze. IMO, the container by itself is worth $200-400 dollars.
  2. stitch


    As long as say 75% of that stuff was free I don't see why it would be a problem. On the other hand if you were accquiring an airworthy rig, say every other quarter, and she was bitching. I'd say ditch the bitch. There are more important things in life than a wife.
  3. Sign of the times ? If so, it sucks. I hope they can revive it if situations improve.
  4. stitch

    Car Battery in Trunk

    Don't use said battery for a packing weight. I've seen the results of that.
  5. stitch

    Minimum height for tandem jump?

    You have to be at least as tall as Wendy Faulkner. So about 4' 5".
  6. stitch

    To the people I jump with...

    So, this is it then??
  7. stitch

    East of Atlanta Locals

    The 1st thing that is going to be said, is fill out your "profile". So folks that may or may not contact you will have an idea of your background and experience.
  8. Bob, as always, thanks for taking the time out to share your experiences with us. I had planned to be out in Twin Falls this week, but some earlier business obligations have postponed that. Best of luck with your endeavors. Kurt.
  9. stitch

    whos going to TF for memorail day

    Are you bringing an 8-ball for each person??
  10. stitch

    New packing machine

    Don't try so hard.
  11. stitch

    Going Up . . . ?

    JB could hire a fleet of Limos(complete with mini-bars) for what a dozen of those would cost.
  12. stitch

    Fatality in Russia

  13. stitch

    Twin Falls is getting a Dropzone

    Me thinks this is old news. Do your roomies have you locked in the closet or something???
  14. stitch

    tbhis is hilarious

    Hmmm, I'm not really sure that waiting to prep your PC after you've crossed the railing is such a good idea.