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  1. stitch

    costum party at B-day

    May be you can give "Utah" away as a prize instead.
  2. stitch

    attn all losers form NY area

    Can anybody transalate Maggotonese??? Doesn't matter. I got a new tarp today. I'm happy,happy,happy.
  3. stitch

    The BASE Board's on Fire . . .

    I thought you would give me an "atta-boy", instead you Dis' me. Where's the love?
  4. stitch

    help planning eurotrip

    Depending on your budget and how much of a clothes horse you are, you may want to consider a Euro-Pass. It is an unlimited train pass that is good all over Europe. Google it. The passenger rail system in Europe is so much more advanced than in North America.
  5. stitch

    Florida naples locals

    Where is Napples exactly?? Ya sure it's not Naples?
  6. stitch

    BASE WIKI Comments Back Up

    Nice. Now, can yo fix the spam on the BASE board.
  7. stitch

    Twin Falls' celebrities

    Ding, ding, ding!!!!
  8. stitch

    Did "Paratech" close up shop???

    Thanks, but Lonnie B. PMed me right after I posted the thread, and answered my questions.
  9. stitch

    skills camp in FL

    i'm interested in attending a beginners skill camp.i was going to go to lake wales that weekend,but if theres something similar at z-hills it would save me some gas.i need a demo canopy too.probably a 218, trying to find out from rusty if it will fit in place of my 230 spectre.