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  1. Well said Chuck. As most of us know, SDH began to die a slow death when the IRS busted Davis. The downward spiral only increased when SDH changed ownership. This closure was inevitable and it's unfortunate that what used to be an awesome DZ was destroyed by those who were supposed to care the most for it. As others have said, karma is a bitch. Chris Scaife
  2. I have been asked on a couple of occasions the question, "Is it fun?" The answer all depends on the person asking. Chris Scaife
  3. When someone asks me, "What if your chute doesn't open?" I, of course, say there is another chute. Naturally they then ask, "Well, what if that one doesn't open?" I then say, well, I would then take my left shoe off and put it in my right back pocket. With a confused look they wonder what good that would do, and I tell them none, but it would give the FAA investigators something to think about. Chris Scaife
  4. I will only call him what we all call him, Super Dave. Not a dangerous person. Possibly a bit crazy but can out fly most jumpers I know. Chris Scaife
  5. With what I have seen those south end jerks do lately I would not be a bit surprised to find out that they had something to do with the sign issue last year. I even commented about that when it happened. Knowing them a bit more than I did then gives me enough to believe they would do something like that. Sad, very sad. Chris Scaife
  6. What happened to I have not been able to get on there for quite awhile now. Anyone else having this problem? Chris Scaife
  7. Well, it looks like we aren't going to make it down there this weekend. I really wanted to jump that casa but don't want to drive an hour and a half to watch the winds blow. I guess I will try and knock out my "honey do list" this weekend instead. Good luck to the record participants. I saw the video from today and they look great. I am sure they will get the record if the winds allow them to jump. Have fun everyone and be safe!
  8. Will anyone have a raft to jump the casa with? Also, how will they work the parking? Will I be able to park somewhere that Kate can hang out by the truck and I can set up my own packing area at the truck? Chris Scaife
  9. Well that sucks. I was looking forward to my first chooper jump. Would have been a lot of beer due to a lot of first time chooper jumps. I guess the choper will do. Chris Scaife
  10. It may take me 40 minutes to pack myself anyway. I am not used to doing that. I'm assuming the helicopter jumps are going to be around $40-$50? What about the Casa? Normal jump ticket price? Chris Scaife
  11. That whole "no boogie fee" is right up my alley. Do you know what the heli jumps will cost? Also, how do they work the big ways? Will fun jumpers still be allowed to jump all day saturday or sunday? I have to get an approximate cost figure to determine if Kate will let me go for that weekend. I hope so. It sounds like fun. Chris Scaife
  12. I jump my camera on almost every jump. Regardless of if it is a work jump or not. If it is an AFF or coach jump the student doesn't even know that I am jumping a camera until we are ready to head out to the plane. At this point it is obvious that the student is not buying a video and there will be no complaints about me taking money out of pockets. Perhaps if those who complained to you would sell their services instead of waiting for it to come to them all the time they would be more successful. I have never heard anyone complain about a coach or AFFI using a video on their jumps at my DZ. I encourage it due to the increased aid in post jump debreifing as well as using past videos to show students good examples. Chris Scaife
  13. Nice. That looks like a lot of tandems under canopy to me. Whuffo graphic designer. They must have found some tandem clip art or something online to use for this shirt. Funny stuff. Oh well. It is skydiving and parachute related regardless. Chris Scaife