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  1. I was told this weekend by an instructor. every time you jump you are commiting suicide until you do something to change it think about it makes since ken
  2. no real fear. maybe a little nervous. I do have a little problem on my body ,due to small leg diffrence in length (very small) working on stable. the unstability during my practice has help a man told me " everytime you jump you are commiting sucide until you do something to change it" ken
  3. seller is very crediable and of course I would have my rigger look at it. the price is low enough that if I win at this price I could resell later?
  4. thank you for both giving the advise to relax and enjoy. I believe enjoying life day by day and having goals gives you the best live. My goal is to become a videograpgher and I have set this goal for the fun of the sport thank you again ken
  5. going this weekend for first tandem and them I am wanting to go AFF any adevices? thanks Ken
  6. my wife and I are getting our aff license together and I am looking to buy complete sets for us both. please help so I do not make the wrong choice thanks ken