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  1. BigBUG

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    believe me, there is a very strong difference when you getting a kick in the head in a 4 way dynamic, when ramming into you at full speed. I am so thankful for having Skyhelmet, it saved me from concussion at least 2 times for 2 years. Also, visor system in G3 is awful. It starts to vibrate over time (that impaires your vision), it goes off the adjustements and just generally shitty. Price for G3 made of garbage plastic ($1 in production cost) is ridiculous as well.
  2. BigBUG

    Newbie need help with gear

    1. Actually elbow pads are not necessary if you are not flying dynamic with the team. Knee pads are a good idea (tho I never had them :) 2. What tunnel you are going to frequent? All ISG tunnels are, for example, adjustable and temperature is within 23-28 C all the time (depends of what coach wants). 3. Consider getting a built-in hood. Deem, Boogieman and other leading companies offer it as option for their tunnel models. 5. Hour per day is ok, intesive but ok, but it depends of what you are doing and how your coach plans your tunnel time. I'd say, 45 mins is optimal for beginner.
  3. BigBUG

    Butterfly tunnel St. Petersburg feedback

    well as a member of Flystation staff and someone who incorporates a modern way to teach, I'd reccomend to go in bigger tunnel. I'd say that small tunnels like that could be really good bargain for money when you already pretty good and working on static drills -like static sit/headdown. For 2-way VFS/MxFS team it actually could be a great solution, because it will teach you to be efficient and fast. All our National 2way VFS medalists came from small tunnels. For starters, it is essential to have the ability to move - hence we are teaching carving and layouts pretty early now, it makes students fly and learn a lot in the same time, instead of boring and tiredsome 'oldschool' static progression. You could not do this in a small tunnel. Another (very personal) consideration is a temperature. Butterfly is insanely hot in the summer and I personally not functioning above 30-35 C. But should be Ok in the fall/wintertime.
  4. BigBUG

    Butterfly tunnel St. Petersburg feedback

    It's a small (2.5m) tunnel, located in Zelenogorsk, small town 60 km from the city. Powerful enough to try all the position including headdown (but in the summer you'll need to wait quite a time until it cools off), wind is quite rough (as in any small tunnel) which could be both bad and good thing - harder to learn and way more tiredsome, but if you could fly in the small tunnel, you'll fly anywhere :) Instructors are good, some speaks English.
  5. BigBUG

    Advise me instructor in Russia, Moscow, please

    Look for Russian Freefly group at Facebook. Alexander Ragulin, Alexander Rizhenkov, Mikhail Razomazov, Vladimir 'Poozer' Polyakov, Eugenii Borovik, to name a few.
  6. BigBUG

    Cheapest Tunnel time

    Yes it will be Flystation, but it is not open yet. You could expect same level of price as other big Russian tunnels, with some big discounts before opening :) In the meantime, you always could visit the mothership in Saint-Petersburg :) And it's a city worth visiting :)
  7. BigBUG

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    As a tunnel instructor - having fun in the tunnel and learning how to fly your body is a completely different things. When I have a firsttimer, my goal is not to make a good flyer out of him in 2 minutes, my goal is to provide safety and fun for him. I would not waste his expensive time to make him fly perfect position, if his position is stable and he is having fun. I would never put him on the net, even briefly, if there is any chance to avoid that.
  8. BigBUG

    How To Tube: Getting It Right

    I'd say that talk to the controller when he is driving the tunnel is really not a great idea. Especially when first-timers are in the tunnel or something like first headdown lift-off happens. Last thing I want is someone who want to know where is his beloved coach right now or where he could get duct tape. Please do not do that. All tunnels are different, of course, and every place have its own rules.
  9. BigBUG

    Eastern Europe Tunnels

    Ours :) 310 Eur/hour in beautiful 14-feet machine with super smooth wind is really hard to beat :) Maybe that's the reason why Flynamic, Martin Kristiannsen, Dave Reader, Rafa, Marius and other world's best coaches fly here more time than local flyers :)
  10. BigBUG

    wind tunnel instructor

    I'd say that it may be reasonable to just make an instruction course for your buddies in one of the existing tunnels. Iran, as any Arabian country (and as any country of course), is specific, so persons who will work with customers will need to know the language, to know and respect local habits and traditions etc. And, to be honest, I suppose that some just will not want to go because of the current political situation and war nearby. Any physically fit and mentally sane :) person could be trained to be a good first-timer instructor in 2-3 weeks. So I'd say - take enthusiatic skydivers or just some good people who already know the language, know how to treat custoners properly - and train them in any good tunnel. For example, Flystation just hosted a training of French instructors and last month we finished with our own new staff, 4 guys, 2 girls.
  11. BigBUG

    Very Graceful Bodyflight (Inka Titto)

    Inka rocks :) Saw her progress from average flyer to world star. Top dedication and sparkling personality.
  12. BigBUG

    Flight time scheduling software

    We here have a planning software integrated with web site and video/photo suite as a commercial product, written by our programmers. It is also integrated with ShiftPlanning for staff and with online banking apps. So our guests just use this system. I wonder, maybe your host tunnel have something like this already?
  13. BigBUG


    New and most powerful tunnel in Europe in a wonderful city of Saint-Petersburg. Open anytime, absolutely best prices, English-speaking instructors and world class coach camps every month! Enjoy your flight in a windy tube!
  14. BigBUG

    Ifly Hollywood Tunnel Competition

    Cool :) Seems that I will be somewhere in the area :) Where I could get a description of Rookie and Advanced classes in Neo-Freestyle? Our home tunnel is not in IBA system so we do not have any of their official documents. Thanks!
  15. BigBUG

    Is it worth staying current?

    From my personal point of view doing 2-3 or even 10 jumps per month is not enough to stay current. In this sport you are degrading if you just stop progressing. We here live in Saint-Petersburg, infaumous for shitty weather and frequent DZ operation restrictions caused by nearby airport. So we have quite a lot of jumpers like this. In best case, they are just jumping on their own (because their skills are way behind the rest). In worst cases, they got injured or put another's lives on risk. When I found out that I could not jump as much as I want, I switched to windtunnels and training camps in different places. And last 2 years made me far better jumper than previous 10. Once again, it is just my PoV.