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  1. Mine was #8 ........ But I was already sitting on my locker at Ft Bragg when they drew the numbers ! Hahhhahhha and glad of it .
  2. jaymundo


    Any of the Jackson Miss peeps know what the heck ole Bookworm is doing now . How the rest of the Magee folks from the secenties ?
  3. jaymundo

    Old Timer Reminiscing

    Hahha He was at my house yesterday.
  4. jaymundo

    Any Magee MS Skydivers Out There

    Seem to remember Bookworm and others with the cylume covered bodies roaming from tent to tent at a meet there.Could be wrong though
  5. jaymundo

    Louisiana old farts

    Yea,Went duck hunting with Jones,Bubba,and several others.Jones decided he needed to poo poo ,so he pulled his waders down and proceeded to go in his waders,pull them back up and was blaming me dog for the smell.When it got light,we discovered what it was.He had it in his hair ,and all over his neck.Needless to say he got alot of ribbing about that one.They broke the mold with that guy ! hahhahhhahha
  6. jaymundo

    Hammond LA 1967

    I would like a copy ! I started with Leon in 72 and would love to have one.
  7. jaymundo

    Hammond LA 1967

    Hey Billy,urban legend says Prissy brought a student to the hospital with a DZ injury,and ended up runnin off with him ! All Leon ever said was that she was a great gal.
  8. jaymundo

    Worst Parachutist Cover Ever!

  9. jaymundo

    Chet Poland

    Dayum...He doesnt look so old now
  10. jaymundo

    Mike Igo

    Our condolences for Mike's passing.What a great guy..... Blue skies for you forever Mike
  11. Hey pat Congrats....Thanks for the book...still have it ,and its in my WILL !!! I laminated the "when you let it go" quote and carried it in my wallet for many years.
  12. jaymundo

    Southern Parachute Center

    Haaaahhha I was there when the beech did a belly landing ! The alarm didnt go off and he forgot to put down the gear.2 minutes later everybody lit up !!!!!!
  13. jaymundo

    Masters of The Sky on You Tube

    When I try to view it on utube ...it keeps stopping....loading...playing stopping loading ect.Any advise ? I loves me some Masters of the Sky !!!
  14. jaymundo

    Ives Kent,Pam Wilson Kent

    Got a nice call from them last night.They were looking for old friends from the Covington ,La DZ from the 80's.If you knew them you can say hi via iveskent@aol.com......one of those DZ romances that has lasted 29 years......
  15. jaymundo

    Louisiana Parker brothers ??

    Anyone know where they are and what they are doing.Charlie and Steve Parker from Lafayette.......Thanks