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  1. 2400 and thats excluding the vigil. For personal reasons I wont put a price on a vigil because I will not buy one.
  2. I respectfully disagree. I like Tears for Fears to much
  3. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate the fact that those exist and are still being manufactured. There is absolutely no reason to be training people on gear that is substantially dissimilar to what they will actually use unless they are at a staticline DZ. Those exist for various reasons besides staticline dzs.
  4. Two rigs come to mind. The early Centaurus rigs built by Centaurus Corp. had them that way. I do not know if the NAA Centaurus rigs have them that way. The EOS by Para-Flite had/has them that way. JerryBaumchen I just downloaded the EOS manual and it was the rig I was thinking of. Thanks Jerry!
  5. This is a little off topic but Rob i think you can answer it. I recall seeing a rig that had the cutaway and reserve handles above the chest strap. I wanna say it was a naro or a clone of a vector/talon. Do you have an idea what it was?
  6. I also believe Mike G at chutingstar can build one as well. http://www.chutingstar.com/
  7. g2gjump

    Laser 250

    My mind is a little bit foggy on this, but i thought once a raven was hooked up as a main and jumped it would void it as being a reserve canopy? Or, it might be legal if you have some sort test rig in which you could pack it into the reserve container and have a belly back up. I would check the manual and or call precision.
  8. Is it a wings container?
  9. The container appears to be overstuffed. If the canopy was sized properly for the container, and the closing loop was that long, it wouldn't be tight enough to hold the pin or (most likely) trap the bridle. As it sits, it appears to be tight and far longer than it should be, so my bet is that someone was looking for a smaller container, or got a 'good deal' on that rig, or whatever, but in any case the canopy/container appears to be a mis-match. Thank you dave. I thought you were "bashing" the container type. I didnt look at the "whole" picture: size,main etc.
  10. Thanks Mel! I will be planning a course shortly -Kurt
  11. Hello all, I have my CSPA Rigger "A" rating and would like to become a FAA senior rigger. I have 28 repacks total(ten supervised by cspa riggers). My question is; do i have to start from scratch, or is there a crossover program for foreign rigger ratings? Thanks in advance! -Kurt