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  1. bodhibody

    Action Therapy: When Skydiving Saves Lives

    nice one .. it's true in the same way homeopathy works. a dab of life and death brings you deeper into life.
  2. bodhibody

    Paracadutismo Etruria Arezzo

    This place has the chilled out feeling of the good old days of skydiving. A "living" dropzone. The best vibes I have experienced at any DZ in over 27 years of visiting drop zones all over the world. Good italian coffee, food, fantastic clean facilities, nearby ancient cities and the view is spectacular and of course there is Olav who makes you feel like family. You will be in the presence of artisans - freefly innovators. (Did have some difficulty with communication from Skydive Tortuga by e-mail and phone, regarding what I needed to be able to jump at the DZ as a U.S. citizen, USPA member.)
  3. bodhibody


    Effective simplicity... organic fit... true "Zen" rig.
  4. bodhibody

    Freefly Suit

    Suit fit like a glove, I was amazed. Looks like it will last a long time. Very well made, sturdy construction. Best suit I have seen on the market. Some other has been in business for many years, lots of experience making suits. Owner is the founder of freestyle skydiving, his suit is used by the founder of freeflying, Olav Zipser...enough said.
  5. bodhibody

    Premium Freefly Suit

    suit arrived several inches too short in the torso...also very uncomfortable prickly nylon stitching inside suit...sent suit back for repairs at $25 shipping fee to e-mail saying suit was stuck in customs....then another saying I still owed for the suit since their credit card service failed my card...I e-mailed to cancel order...they wanted to charge me $50 for cancellation...they later waived fee when I told them of my disatisfaction with their company. Many freeflyers I have spoken to have disliked these suits because they fall apart, wrong size, poor customer service etc. etc.