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  1. nice one .. it's true in the same way homeopathy works. a dab of life and death brings you deeper into life.
  2. I remember watching many of his solo exits from the DC-3 at Z-Hills in the early 80's. Funny eccentric man. I think he was a farmer back in Canada. Always kept the fires going. Great snarling french accent. So much color now gone from that time period. Peter Genau, Beth Bird, David Rickerby, Fang, Tom Piras, Roger Nelson, Gus Wing ... BSBD EFS
  3. Who will be the great-celebrated singers, dancers, poets, laughers and lovers? Who will risk being Zorba, leaping onto the tabletop, wildly spinning and offering heart and soul to living a life of fullness and love? Who among us will refuse to buy into the conspiracy of this world that asks us to play small? Dare you take a stand for love in this life and allow your own particular creative expression to flow through you, to fly? Despite the seeming fear of danger of doing so, the instant that you make such a leap of faith, you join the rank of greatness! Every moment you continue to hold back and hide your divinity, your own power and love, you hide in the halls of mediocrity. The difference is courage to dare being fully alive in such a world where everyone is living a careful life and trying not to disturb the status quo, passively hoping for the best, desperately trying to outwit disease and death. Who dares to be fully alive in the midst of all that? Who among us will be great? Well, if not you, then who? Author unknown
  4. Hey Jack, living in Milan Michigan? What is there except for Milan Prison, is that where you are?...almost drove off the hiway one nite on my motorcycle after staring at the lights coming from the Milan Prison, riding back from a day of jumping in Tecumseh... I remember standing next to you at Z-hills watching this belgium jumper having a double mal going in next to the big tree at the far end of the field where my tent was pitched and everyone turning their heads so as not to watch and then hearing both of us cheering for joy because the round reserve popped in the last second and he lived...the folks who turned their heads away thought we were slightly twisted for cheering a person going in, until they realized...asked the guy later what was going thru his mind and he said how bummed he was because he had worked so long for this skydiving vactation in Florida and how it was now coming to an end before making many jumps....Another story with you I remember is coming back from a "miller" demo in south florida after jumping into a volley ball game, the day after Peter Genau died who was supposed to be in your slot but wasn't due to the fact that he was preparing for the demo doing CRW and had a low were in the front right seat of that twin airplane at the controls flying just above the water like a drug runner, off the florida coast line, scared the shit out of several sailors and windsurfers. Barbone and I think it was Billy and a couple others were in in the back drinking beers...
  5. oil and no old family resentments to nurse against one individual. Make daddy proud GW, daddy loves you now, I am quite sure and so do his friends. The biggest brainwash on a large group of people since that german guy with the mustach. He should be impeached and tried for committing crimes against humanity. No sympathy for this man...too many dead-wounded people. Too many lives ruined! Free-dum?
  6. The outcome of the "war" in Iraq was a given. Tough (fear driven) times allow criminals to stay in office, look at history...Bush jumped at the chance to play out all his resentment-power fantasies on Sadaam, at a time when our country was at its most vulnerable and when his popularity was waning...shame on him. He should be impeached and tried for committing crimes against humanity...theirs (Iraqi citizens) and the US (soldiers and families). I am in total disbelief as to the ignorance and overwhelming brainwash that has occurred on the minds of the American people. It is sad, no its tragic! "The emperor wears no clothes"...a quote that came from the voice of a child in the original fairy tale story... a child too innocent to accept an obvious lie.
  7. I sure don't miss the USA. Over half the population is ignorant, arrogant, overly aggressive and too high strung. Europe is way more chill and women know how to be women. Many american women have embraced the feminist notion that they have to be equal to men, as if being a woman (feminine) is a bad thing, the result being self hatred and a masculine version of women, only thing missing is a certain body part... No wonder Americans are at war all the time. Americans as a whole are a controlling angry bunch, directly reflected on the current world stage. The death penalty?! The US is the only so called "civilized nation" where they still execute people. The term "ugly american" is back in vogue over here in Europe and will soon be the standard world view unless Americans wake up from their self absorbed, self-induced deep sleep and disconnection from the rest of the world.
  8. Some time around midnite, in the early eighties, at a popular florida dz... me and a couple buddies got the cessna pilot from the airport bar and helped him stumble to the plane with his arms around our shoulders, we were pretty toasted also. He took us up to altitude and we all hung from the strut with the door open and the pilots little snauzer dog wearing a bandana barking at us from inside the plane and my first jump student for the next morning, (also in the plane) getting a wide eyed intro into the wonderful world of skydiving ...criminal behavior... yes the good ol days... Luckily we all survived.... that jump. Then there were the nite jumps on acid...or the 50 way skull and cross bone nite dive during a lightning storm when my canopy collapsed at about 200 feet, did a 360 spiral, opened, I flare and land.. or the time Gus Wing got up off the ground and ran as he was taking my picture from under the 1200 ft. tower that I had just hummed my first BASE jump from... with a Unit. And then there was the 50 foot opening on Silly's "Bandit" over the talus in Norway, off of the Troll wall, after tracking tooo long and then having a snivel...two days after Carl buddy Stein driving the Volvo at nite during a wicked rain storm with Carls ashes in a box under my arm, Jeannie in the front seat, heading to Oslo...scary stories from the old days... It's different now...the magic is gone. Ask anyone who was there.
  9. I met Paddy up at the Kathering Boogie in Northern Australia back in 79 or 80. Hitchhiked from Brisbane to Katherine thru the outback and thought I had a great story to tell, until I met Paddie. Know Dave Macevoy from then also. Lots of singing and drinking beer. They had a whole cow in the freezer for the eve. barbeques.
  10. I had an uncle that used to skydive years ago at Orange, Mass. Lew Sanborn (D-1), Nate Pond (D-69..he apparently waited for that number specifically) Jaque Istel and others were jumping there and my uncle was this eccentric psychologist dude that was attaching electrodes to skydivers and monkeys to test their heart rate and adaptation to stress. One of the monkeys climbed the lines and collapsed his canopy...anyways I used to watch him jump when I was a kid, then got into it myself as soon as I was legal and able. Skydiving eventually helped me calm and channel my self destructive, juvenile delinquent, drug addictive urges...
  11. bodhibody

    hum it

    just Madonna is a cool new "jump tune".
  12. Pull out is nice because you open your own container, not relying on the pilot chute. (Used to be more of a problem in days of tighter pins or misrouted pins). Pull out does have a higher malfunction rate due to the fact that you need to "pull and THROW" If you do a lazy toss there is a higher rate of unstaged deployment, if the pilot chute lands on your back, the bag might come off first etc. The reason being that the pud, hackey or whatever is attached to the TOP of the pilot chute in a throw out and the pud handle is part of a small bridle-pin system attached at the BASE in a pull out. You can get away with a lazy throw on a throw out. I have jumped a pullout for years, so I am used to it. Another thing I like a bout the pullout is the fact that the pilot chute is INSIDE the closed container, making it less likely to deploy accidently.
  13. "Another one bites the dust..." Played years ago on very loud speakers in the dirty days of skydiving, at the freefall convention, after a double fatality.
  14. One of the newer Racers with low-profile cutaway handle option, pullout and speed bag reserve deployment. Before freeflying there was freestyle...take a look at what kind of rig that was being used by freestyle innovator Mike Michigan and read my Racer review for further insight into why the Racer is best. If you do the research and make a personal choice based on a rational decision making process, not peer pressure, the Racer makes sense. Racer fits your body like no other rig can. The only rig that has NOT gone through major changes over the years, because the original design was a good one.