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  1. Thanx, that is indeed very comprehensive! and clear...
  2. Cheers Sid.. A person with 80 jumps, loads a wing, 1:1...we reccomend that he jump a square desighn. Is'nt there more variables in the equation to what canopies are suited for beginners than just the aspect ratio of the canopy? eg. trim, handeling of terbulance..
  3. @erdnarob It makes a lot more sence...thanx! Is there a standard rule or a general norm that dictates that a square wing is ( safer ) than a tapered wing? above the 150sq feet range..and why?
  4. do the uspa grade new canopies as square, slightly-semi-fullon-elliptical...or the manufacturers?
  5. Any policy on what defines a airfoil as square or elliptical? Is it up to the manufacturer to decide, seeing that nobody wants to market square canopies, semi-elliptical sounds so much cooler.. On aspect ratio: at what aspect ratio does a square become semi-elliptical, and where does a semi-elliptical become a square?
  6. the canopy I jump have a very positive recovery arc, the bladerunner, very much the same as a heatwave or stiletto. The canopy thought me some very bad habits turning low in order to get the maximum swoop, before the canopy levels out, about 1 second after releasing the front riser. I've put about 100 jumps on the canopy in question, On the 12/06/07 me and some friends made our way to a dz with a higher altitude than ours. Instead of just getting a feel for the new air, I decieded to go big on the first decend, I paid dearly for that action, I opted to land close to the landing line, so I had no exit route should I need to deviate from course. I hit the ground frontriser in hand. My body almost popped like a fat guy farting! Fumer broken 3 places, pelvis 2 places, ribs, and a bloodclout passed threw the hart and into the lungs. Some bad sh"t right there. This jump has all the elements of a fcukup. 1.old canopy=old technology 2.going big on your first jump @ a new dz 3.Not leaving a exit point Now I have 6mounths paid leave and nowhere to go. Any info on reserves and canopies that land reel soft, one leg soft?
  7. Howzit man, I've seen you've posted alot of opinions on skydiving and the skydive community respect your views. Speaking of posting x-rays.... I just busted up my fumer real bad and have alot of steel in my leg en pelvis. The medical personnel is of opiniont that I cant be allowed to jump again unless I have real soft landings.( basically be able to do one legged standups!) I used to jump 'n bladerunner 120 (a south african manufactured canopy that probably compares best to a stilleto) loading @ about 1.7. Taking my current situation, what type, make and size canopy in your opinion gives one the softest land... strait and level into the wind?
  8. I also found, that you get your best result with the cookie 0.5 lens is to leave the cam on easy mode with auto focus. Just be sure to whipe any marks or evan dust particles from the lens, when filming into the sun, the cam auto focus on the lens marks!
  9. Hi guys, I'm jumping the pc1000, with a cookie liquid wide angle lence. which fokus setting would you recouldment? auto focus, manual fokus?