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  1. Or have a buddy answer an pull the angry gay lover card...not a real stretch in VB's case! I Don't know VB at all but that still made me laugh Twardo I like how you think
  2. Have another woman answer your phone and pretend to be your angry wife. That will clear it up quickly.
  3. Righty here though i shoot left in hockey just to be different
  4.;post=4202516;page=3;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25; Well at least it's not the JFX this time
  5. There are several really good threads if you do a search that go through in great detail the best ways to buy and sell gear through the classifieds without you losing your money or the seller being at risk of losing his gear. Take a look it may help make this a much less stressful experience. As for buying and shipping to Canada it should be relatively stress free and simple i have done it with a lot if sports equipment in the past, though not skydiving gear and the only issue is once in a while you get pegged with duty crossing the border. Also since you are just returning to the sport i'm not sure if you have a home DZ i see it's not filled in but if you do thats good info to have in there so the seller can make a call to verify who you are and that you are a respected honest person within the DZ community. Hope this helps a little and good luck in your search.
  6. I think the worst part is that the company assuming it was intentional didn't stand by the decision once there was public backlash and passed the blame to the supplying company and the proofers who check the product. If you put it in there as a gag or even a selling point to a certain group of people, own your decision
  7. I wouldn't change it because hopefully your home drop zone is filled with friends and people who know you that would stand up for you as being an honest reliable stand up guy. Removing your info appears like you have something to hide rather than dealing with the issue. just my .02 edited to correct some of my terrible spelling mistakes
  8. Ok i'm really new but all i can say is I hope you are trolling and i don't see you in the incidents forum in 2 weeks.
  9. It's not just you John I've been serving for 13 years and the amount of funerals and ramp ceremony's I have been part of makes just about any military funeral scene or even the bag pipes a very emotional experience.
  10. the $500 difference in the 2 is partially in the main price and partially in the hip/chest rings being included in the icon. The cost of the skyhook would add another close to 300$ to the price. Thats just info from the internet so as far as comparing the 2 I have no idea
  11. Thanks for sharing that it must have been a very moving moment. I had a similar moment back when Saving Private Ryan came out. I was at the theatre and the opening scene brought the older gentleman beside me to tears. I could only assume he was an old military Vet. It really brings home the sacrifices those who came before us have made.
  12. I think your boy sounds great!! I'm 31 and have been in the Army 13 years and still have moments like that where i think the rules don't apply to me He may be a real pain as a teenager but those attributes that make him defiant now may make him a hell of a leader when he gets to the real world.
  13. how about some animals :) house of the rising sun. or a little born to be wild
  14. I know I am new here and should probably just stay out of this but i was surprised by this reaction to Dave's response.. To be honest this seemed to be one of the most well thought out constructive, polite and non argumentative posts from him i have seen in a while. I'm sure he doesn't give a damn about my approval nor should he but the reaction may have been a touch over the top.
  15. I laughed so hard at this my wife came downstairs to find out what the hell was wrong with me... Well done