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  1. Oh Fuck! Tonto Tonto..... dude.....! Just cant belive this..... Go well my friend, love, light and peace! Kev Schafer
  2. Field of dreams...! Dude... good to see you are STILL cranking out them show jumps. Hope ur good... I hardly ever log onto anymore, so it was super funny to see your pics.. and as for the lack of hair dude!! WTF!! cheers Kev
  3. Bev, awesome job you guys are doing back home! "Cartoonville" as we called it sure has changed over the years! Let me know when you are in Deland, love to catch up. The image of the pond sure is small.... can you upload a larger one?? cheers Kevin
  4. Awesome! Myself and Long Pete speant quite sometime in the desert. I had the privilege of throwing drogues, doing AFF, A3F and even wash the otter at Cal City in '93, '94 and early '95. I made some awesome friends and have some great memories. Beautiful Majove Desert, the early bird loads meant us almost freezing in freefall, doing tandems in the strong desert winds, phenominal winter sunsets, Edwards airforce base and secret aircraft flying around (raptor), many sonic booms, space shuttle landings, drinking green bottles, folding Majave Desert News with Van on Wednesdays... or was it thursdays??....and of course great people, Van, Jnr, Bob, Judy, Kim, Ian, Tom, Emiko, Lisa, Laura, Dano, Ron, Michele, Rose, Joe, and of course Kahlua. Damm, cool trip down memory lane! Well done Van on a milestone - 30 years!
  5. Ooops! got it all wrong I see! BOBO! Awesome bud.... just bloody marvelous! Well done Ian and well done Ryan on winning the intermediates. Hey I can see you are proud Sands! //Kevin
  6. Unofficial results are in - looks Like our boyz did it again! Congratulations on winning the World Cup Jay! And great one Bobo! PD boyz have won every World cup of swooping to date! AWESOME! //Kevin
  7. I am pleased to say the pain I feel today was worth it! The chomz are smiling at us! //Kevin
  8. Thank you very much for the support, donations, well wishes, love and memories. Personal thank you to the following : Relative Workshop, Sunpath Products, Performance Designs, Bushman from Aerodyne, Bob Hallett and everyone as Skydive Deland, Rusty who BBQ'd (Braai), Carey, Doug and Yvonne from SkySystems, Arlo, Kim, Pablito, Justin, Tara, Carmel, Kim, Rosi, Mark, Candy, Vladi, DVG, Lara, Sandy, Danielle, Sangiro and Skymamma and friends from, Norman, Maha, Bob. We had an awesome day on Saturday and shared some great memories about Piers, Krystal, Bruno and Egon. Thanks for all the well wishes from friends and family from all around the world. The skydive turned out great, the partying afterwards was awesome and the "flaming footie" painfully bliss! I am sure there were smiles from our friends as they looked on at the antics below! These friends are forever etched in our memories! Thank you again to everyone who was able to attend, who sent wishes, who shared the love and memories. With kind regards //Kevin
  9. Come Celebrate the Lives of Egon, Bruno, Krystal and Piers BRAAI (South African style BBQ) MEMORIAL BIG-WAY JUMP GREEN BOTTLE LIBERATION Date: Saturday, August 20th Where: Skydive DeLand Time: If you’re going to be on the memorial jump, come at noon. If you will not be on the jump, come anytime. Dinner will be around 7:00. (Ideally, the jump will take place in the late afternoon/early evening but if the day is looking overly tropical, the load will go before the clouds roll in.) The Jump: Bob Hallet has kindly made his 3 aircraft available for the memorial jump. Members of DeLand Majik have offered to organize the memorial jump. The size of the formation(s) will be determined by people’s skill level and desire. Bruno and Krys did a lot of freeflying so separate freefly jumps on the same load may be possible. If you would like to be on the memorial jump, let David know by emailing him at [email protected] Please provide your name, where you’re traveling from, your jump number, and if you prefer a large RW jump or a smaller freefly group. Unfortunately, slots for the memorial jump are limited. We hope to accommodate everyone but, realistically, this may not happen. We beg your understanding if you do not make the load. Everyone will gather round the pea pit after the jump (or closer to sunset) to share stories and feelings. The Party: While family and friends around the world are deeply saddened by this tragic loss, you know these guys would want us to party. Heineken (and other beer and wine) will be ready for liberation. Meat will be on the braai; other non-meat foods will be provided. A good game of flaming footie may also be in order. Memories: There will be an area set aside for photos and memorabilia of Krys, Egon, Piers, and Bruno. Please bring photos or personal items to share and go ahead and set them up yourself when you arrive. Input? If you have a question or there is some event, game, food, drink, or what-not you think should be at the memorial please email Kevin at [email protected] PS. There is also an ash jump / memorial for Krystal taking place at Skydive Deland on Saturday the 6th August 2005. To live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die. Egon, Piers, Bruno and Krys – Forever in our hearts
  10. Hi everyone - we will have something posted in the next few hours about the memorial. thanks for your patience kind regards Kevin
  11. Great images Ian! That is pretty much how I will remember them - smiling and enjoying life to its fullist! //Kevin
  12. There are 2 threads going - check the one in Bonfire as well. FYI - Mike posted that they recovered Krystals body this morning
  13. Thanks Arlo! Just so hard to accept and understand this HUGE loss! I am devastated by this and will miss you guys! //Kevin
  14. Jari! HAPPY HAPPY - and all that goooooooooood stuff! Hope you have a super day and weekend! Big ditto on Kimmie words - miss you and Deland is not the same without you! lator //kevin
  15. My thoughts and love to you Nate and Katie! This past 24 hours has been a roller coaster for all of us. Be strong and God bless you Love ALWAYS, Kevin
  16. Hi Katie. My heart goes out to you at this very very challenging time. My thoughts and prayers are with you, ALWAYS! Kevin
  17. Congratulations Jay, Heath, Ian, Shannon and Cisco! PD won overall team event, the 2 way event as well as the overall individual event.
  18. BB - was awesome meeting you and hanging out. Who knows, maybe we will see you soon in your neck of the woods. And I am feeling much better, thanks. Skymonkey - great seeing you again too and thanks for the great 7 way at the end. LD, a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you too. "en dankie Willem, dit was lekker om jou te ontmoet" ROCK ON! //Kevin
  19. Hi Craig good meeting you and well done on getting your BMI.
  20. schafdog

    300 way

    Are there any web sites dedicated to the 300 ways in Arizona?
  21. I dont thnk anyone, especially myself, was concerned about the Pull-out per say, but more about the pull-out with a wing suit. And if you said that you have made jumps with your wingsuit using a pull out, without any incidents, it may have been a different discusion. It is true that there have to be millions of deployments with a pull-out and no problems, but the issue is the Wingsuit and the pull out system. As ever - an interesting discussion. Long soars // Kevin
  22. To some extent I agree here. But we can only go on what has been tested and tried. BM tested pull out systems - but they had a very high malfunction rate. One of the reasons being that the container opens when you pull the "pull out pilot chute". If there is any hesitation, then the risk of the bag and pilot chute becoming entangled are increased. The risk of the bag doing strange things are also increased. If there is a hesitation on a normal BOC - the pilot chute is the only thing out there in the burble. One system offers more risk than the other - in my opinion of course. Long soars // Kevin
  23. I recall the malfunction rate being extremely high when BM tested the pull out system - something in the region of about 70% + ! One big reason is that the main container opens when you "pull" the pud of your pull out system. And you can just imagine the swirling that takes a hold of the bag. The burble being so different to a conventional skydivers. It is better to have your pilot chute already out there, catching air and being an anchor while you fall away, allowing the bag to come out of your pack alot cleaner - which is the throw out system. It is tried and proven! It works! Slow soars - Kevin
  24. My reply to all this is education and training. We instinctively do what comes naturally through training and more so through habit. Arching has been widely known as the thing to do to recover out of most situations. But as can be seen not in this particular case. I am glad that Jari and Kim were on the dive to witness me go through the spin. They were able to benefit directly from this situation and pass info on. Long Soars - Kevin