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  1. Latest Official Update: WIND TUNNEL IN MILAN the largest wind tunnel in the world will be built in Italy, in the urban area of ​​Milan, close to a subway stop, a few minutes from Piazza del Duomo, and short distance from the airports of Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo. It's a massive project: 17 feet wide and 20.4m high flight chamber with round glass walls 8 meters high. The tunnel will have a total flying volume which shall be twice the size of the now old 14ft shoeboxes with 5m glass, but shall also be 40% larger than the tunnel under construction in Liege, Belgium. The volume will be about 7% larger than inFlight Dubai and shall be about 20cm wider. It will be powerful, quiet, modern and will provide opportunities for everyone to fly and have fun in total safety. The project will start within a few weeks. The many rumors we have been hearing for months have finally been confirmed. Two European companies have been working on the project for about two years and have chosen Italy as the host country. The goal is to provide skydivers a spacious playground where to organize competitions and championships, training camps and courses, improving team and personal skills without limits of space and flow; but above all to offer to the public of all ages the opportunity to learn this discipline of aviation for maximum enjoyment. The location, Milan, is perfect to visit Italy and join its culture, art, tradition and love for beauty and lifestyle, from cuisine to fashion. You can now fly in a large tunnel without having to travel to remote locations far from the comforts of a large and attractive city.
  2. Hello Flyers's been a while now that rumours have been floating around (more in the indoor flying community than the skyders' one) of a large tunnel project being prepared in Milan. The project was supposed to be ready for EXPO 2015 but it seems it faced some delays with local permits on the face of Italian bureaucratic hurdles. Since a couple of weeks though there have been more and more consistent voices that the permits have been obtained and that construction works are due to start in February. Soon will be released more details about this new Vertical Wind Tunnel!!!
  3. 90percent the Italian Skydiving Magazine released online an article in English, Italian and French languages with beautiful pics please click here to read and download it in PDF format
  4. hi to evryone here photogallery of World Challenge 2008
  5. Pics from Barcelona (Spain) of PIA Symposium 2008, are online on 90percent website please click here
  6. Hi to all it's online on 90percent website video how to pack your main canopy edited by Performance Designs It's possible to download it too (it's little bit heavy... 166Mb). Please click here: Edited by slotperfect to make the link clicky!
  7. Hi and Merry Xmas to everyone here some pics from Sydney CP World Cup 2007
  8. IST 3rd contest: Overal Results 1 Jeff Provenzano 2 Livio Piccolo 3 Ivan Colella Pics of the event here
  9. Pics of the event clicking here: Compliments to organization and congrats to all partecipants if you would like recive pics in high resolution please contact me to [email protected]
  10. Many Condolences to Diana, to Wyat's family, to Icarus Canopies friends and to all skydiving mates 90percent Italian Skydiving Mag
  11. And here: pics of first date of Italian Swoop Tour last May in Reggio Emilia
  12. If you like clicking here you can see pics of IST event in Molinella