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  1. This has affected me very deeply. I am truly saddened by this loss. After reading all the wonderful things that everyone has said about both Ron and Sara, I felt the need to voice my thoughts about them. I, like many, had just met Ron at CK this summer. I remember congratulating him and shaking his pie covered hand after he had made his 2000 jump that day. His easy nature and friendliness were apparent from the beginning. Whenever I was out he was always organizing freefly jumps and asking if I wanted to go. I remember him asking me "what the hell I was doing on this jump?" in his butt-busting nature. The last day I jumped with Ron I was playing around with him by holding up my fingers showing how many were in my group. Ya know two-way or three-way. I kept showing him that gesture. Like in Waynes world where they kept flashin their badges, but not saying anything. Walking to the plane, he turned around and I jammed my "three-way" fingers in his face and he cracked up. That made me laugh. Rons presence at CK has made quite an impact on many people in the short time that he was there. That tells you something. He will not be forgotten. Sara, as many have said, was a truly amazing individual. Yonatan, I am truly sorry. I know that your relationship with her was very special. It was visible whenever you two were together. I remember seeing you two do your special handshake in the plane just before altitude and could see that from that simple thing that you had a deep connection with each other. Saras energy and smile were like an elixir. She spoke to me of what she wanted to do with skydiving. And was always looking and striving to improve herself in that area. I remember landing off with her one day and from the moment we landed, standing on the curbside, riding in the car, and back into the hanger she was talking the whole time about what she wanted to do with her camera and her excitement was absolutely hypnotic. My heart goes out to the families of these memorable people. Peace....Eric