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  1. Well, yes...but that sure didn't work for Omarosa recently (not that she's a candidate though). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VenYhwuov8Q
  2. I use my skydiving t-shirts for workouts most of the time. The one I used last night, which isn't going to last much longer since it's worn out, happens to be the Perris 2007 Christmas Boogie t-shirt. It has a pic of the jet on it and was when I did my DC-9 jump. I think it shut down some time in 2008 a few months later.
  3. My wife it hotter than your wife so I should be POTUS!
  4. “In 2014, 67 percent of new registrations in Colorado were unaffiliated voters. It’s the largest voter affiliation now. We think as a businesscommunity their voice needs to be heard,” said Kelly Brough, head of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. WOW. Just wow. F-U donkey and elephant parties!
  5. Surprised no one started a thread on this. I'll gladly delete if I missed something. I'm saying "issues" since fraud seems hard to prove, but obviously there is gross incompetence, preventing thousands of people from voting. Note: I just grabbed two links I could find, no matter how biased the sites may be. Dispute the facts not the sites. Utah: http://kutv.com/news/local/utah-dems-overwhelmed-by-voter-turnout Arizona: http://usuncut.com/politics/bernie-blasts-arizona-voting-disaster-calls-the-fiasco-a-disgrace/
  6. I think it was December 2007 when I jumped it (and I think it stopped flying a few months later), so not quite that long...but close.
  7. Added to my queue after I finish Downton Abbey and GoT Season 5.
  8. I've heard good things about it, but my big question is: What's so great about it and/or why do it when "Inside Job" was done so well? Someone just wanted to make it "movie-fun"?
  9. Yes, because a personal "financial situation" is just some temporary health "condition" or like temporary feelings one might have...as opposed to having a freakin' JOB and EARNING and MANAGING your own "finances".
  10. How the heck does she have enough money to pay a lawyer to sue if she collects unemployment?
  11. Elisha

    House of Cards

    The thread bump was a good reminder to add Season 4 to my queue, but since I'm only on DVDs I'll have to wait. But that's ok...I'm still in the middle of Downton Abbey (middle of season 5) and then GoT Season 5 will arrive right after.
  12. Elisha

    House of Cards

    Netflix won't let me add the BBC version. "Unknown" availability.
  13. He said that internet service is much better in Romania than it is in the US, and that the US needs to catch up. Sorry, but I still don't see the problem, from a Romanian point of view. Remind me to never offer you or your countrymen a compliment, no matter how heartfelt. It seems you prefer to take praise as an attack. Now OTOH that "comedian", he is condescending with a capital C. Also not even a little bit funny. I'm not that much of a Sander's fan BTW, but still those "jokes" were just mean spirited jibes at someone for no other reason than that he is old. No class (or humor) whatsoever. Don I think it is implied that Romainia is not as advanced as US but yet has over taken us by their internet speed. I think it is a stretch to get to being insulted - but - whatever - you can't make everyone happy. If I was one of those ultra-pc-trigger-warning types, I might generally be offended on their behalf...but I'm not. But I understand the offense of Bernie's condescending tweet. He could have just said "major cities in some Third World countries" or something general enough, but he didn't. I just thought it was pretty funny.
  14. Of course you fail to do so...you're not Romanian and neither are you even attempting to see his statement as condescending from a Romanian POV. Bernie could have used another comparison, but didn't. It wasn't unnoticed and he was rightly trolled for it. Now, will it affect him much politically? I rather doubt it.
  15. According to OJ's wikipedia page, he's elligible for parole next year.
  16. He may have a point, but being condescending isn't smart. http://www.boredpanda.com/romanian-comedian-writes-incredibly-funny-replies-to-bernie-sanders-condescending-tweet/
  17. To further elaborate, the "max passengers" assumes actual seats in the plane. With sitting on the floor, straddle benches or fold down benches, these weigh a lot less than passenger seats, which take up much more space and weight.
  18. Elisha

    My rig !!

    Yeah! And is that a Pilot-168?
  19. As the previous poster says (about the lake)....what's the draw? Why the Salton Sea?
  20. Wondering what those of both sides think of this potential nominee: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/r-kyle-alagood/a-hardtoobstruct-supreme-_b_9237712.html
  21. I've done this several times...even though I only had my first cutaway a few months ago.
  22. 5th grade for me. When it blew up, I was like, "uhhhh....I think something didn't go right" while the teachers then started crying (one of those buildings with three classrooms where they can slide the doors between classes). I think we finished the day.