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  1. Instead of linking in one of the many appropriate threads, I thought it deserved thread of its own Paltering Virtually everyone lies when we interact or communicate with others. Hard to believe? Well, here is what the evidence tells us: people (you and me included!) tell, on average, one or two lies per day. Many of these lies are harmless: e.g., giving a spouse or friend a compliment we really don’t mean. Others, however, when mixed in with actual facts, have important consequences. Take politics, where candidates all too frequently employ such distortions to influence voters. For example, in the U.S. vice-presidential debate between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence, Kaine pushed Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, to release his tax returns. (Trump has said he’d do it once the Internal Revenue Service completed an ongoing audit.) Kaine asserted that “Richard Nixon released tax returns when he was under audit,” leaving the impression that Nixon, a Republican, did so while running for re-election, creating a precedent for Trump. But as the New York Times pointed out, “Mr. Nixon released his taxes while under audit — but it was not until a year after his 1972 re-election.” Another recent example is Trump’s response in the September 26 presidential debate to a question about a federal lawsuit that charged his family’s company with housing discrimination. His answer was: “When I was really young, I went into my father’s company. We, along with many, many, many other companies, throughout the country — it was a federal lawsuit — were sued. We settled the suit with zero — no admission of guilt. It was very easy to do. But they sued many people.” While it’s true that the Trumps did not admit guilt in the consent decree, a New York Times investigation suggests that the admission did not mean that they were innocent. Though Trump was young (27 years old), he was the company’s president. And though there may have been other firms sued at other times, the Trumps were the only one sued at that particular time.
  2. Hmmm....I was expecting a post about Diamond and Silk.
  3. Stop being selfish. I think we ALL want that. The question is whether she will actually heed that or continue to futilely pursue her "quest" and annoy everyone further. Unfortunately, I suspect the latter.
  4. Elisha

    Thank you!!!

    Wow! Really beautiful wedding pics!
  5. A whuffo friend just posted this to FB. How is this actually different from current powered paragliders other than several small fans and not one big one. Not that I really know much about powered paragliding though. https://www.facebook.com/Kickstarter/videos/10154628225129885/
  6. Good point...but I don't think so. His base (such that he threatening to start nuclear war) is too small in comparison to $Hillary's and the "undecideds" are not as easily convinced that Trump isn't crazy. I think to "win" the debate (which Frankly, almost every candidate has been in denial that they might have "lost" a debate), Trump will need to be on his 'A' game, by which I mean good behavior and precise in his talking points (e.g. making sense). I don't see it happening though. But since I don't have cable, I don't plan to watch anyways nor do I think Trump will rise to the occasion and "win" (the debate or election). Just my $0.02.
  7. "Budget Deficits" are silly to talk about when he'll have added nearly $10 Trillion to the National Debt. It's at $19.5T at the moment.
  8. Can someone in the know comment on pay? ISTM that LEO are paid VERY well...at least in my neck of the woods. And I doubt that it's pay, as there's situations of police brutality locally where I live with well paid LEO.
  9. Hmmm.....maybe because ShrubCo hasn't been in office in 8 years and is not running for office (even if I were to count Jeb who failed out months ago now) and $Hillary IS running for office? And except for that silly Fox network, I believe most of the other mainstream media is a bit left leaning. So....what's your point again?
  10. Reason this is in General Skydiving and not the Bonfire?
  11. Perris/Eloy probably...but you list Spokane as your location. Maybe Kapowsin or nearby. I don't know Washington well.
  12. DON'T LIKE THIS! Bargin WHICH founders struck? The FBI founders? Surely not the "Founding Fathers".
  13. Hitler - Berlusconi When I had this idea, I mentioned it to an Italian friend and he thought it was a good comparison.
  14. Private property? Isn't it a Reservation in which the tribe gave her permission (or even invited her) to her to be there?
  15. While you say you don't need "beginner detail", it sure would help your credibility here if you filled out your profile more. Just a friendly reminder.
  16. Actually, no...I meant what I wrote about two trains passing each other, but obviously from billvon's picture, this is impossible with those specific type of tracks. I think most of the trains passing each other tracks (which I posted from the SMART website) are in longer stretches between stations.
  17. Oh, and would that be the Santa Rosa North station by Guerneville Rd? That's by the Coddingtown Mall with the Whole Foods with the awesome beer bar.
  18. billvon, I thought you were referring to the following (from their brochure), but I guess not. Speed ▪ Top speed of 79 mph; average speed (including stops) of 40 mph ▪ Strategically placed double track allow trains to operate and pass in both directions at standard speeds Btw, I'm a 5 min walk around the corner from the Rohnert Park station. What were you doing up in Santa Rosa?
  19. I have over 600 KA jumps and the plane I've jumped with the vast majority of those 600 wore a pilot rig.
  20. I've never NOT seen a King Air pilot wear one.
  21. +1 I don't have any affiliation with PD, but since you mentioned the Sabre2, check this out for a demo: http://www.performancedesigns.com/sport-demos-europe/ http://www.performancedesigns.com/sport-demos-europe/ Another +1. Do this first. Then try a 170 if all seems good. Eventually, with more jumps on both these (demos...for a bit), you may want to settle for a 150 (barely over 1:1). This was actually close to my weight out the door and progression in your jump numbers.