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  1. Definite Maybe.... If someone can tell me that my 76 jumps are good enough to let me jump there even though I still haven't gotten my 'A' (maybe will by the time the boogie rolls around), I could be fully converted.
  2. They have at least one, maybe two at Skydance in Davis, CA (outside Sac). It's a little narrower than a Cessna Caravan, but since they're new, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of being a in this special new aircraft. And most importantly, it gets you to altitude damn fast! Something like 12K in 12 min (or is it 14K?). Oh, and they are single turbine engines like a Caravan.
  3. Whoohoo, Tom!! You da man!! (Doesn't mean I'll ever BASE jump though).
  4. Since Precision claims to have coined it and calls it a "Precision Pack", why does everyone call it a Psycho Pack? Why is it so "Psycho"?
  5. Thanks for letting us know you intend to (do your best anyway) save him inspite of himself.
  6. I don't have an RSL on my rig (Talon container, Sabre2-150 loaded at 1.05, Micro-Raven reserve) that I bought from the DZO. I haven't opened lower than about 3500 yet, so I'm not to worried. Feel free to tell me if I should be.
  7. Is there a limit for how small you can downsize for it to fit properly in a container? For example, I currently have a Sabre2-150 in a Vector container. Suppose I want to buy a new container in a year, but want to be fit both my current 150 and whatever I may want to downsize to later on (135 or even 120). Thanks!
  8. What makes a rig (especially a "first rig") bad for freeflying?
  9. probably not a bad choice. you can learn alot and grow with it also... I just bought my first rig - from my home DZO. Container is a late 90's Vector and main is a Sabre2-150 w/ ~ 1000 jumps. The whole rig was under $2500. I weigh about the same as saxboy. I like it and I'm sure it will last for a few hundred for me - especially as many have pointed that it can be more fun as my canopy skills improve. Of my whole 8 jumps on this canopy so far, all my landings have been standup.
  10. Well, probably just to be reasonably good at it. Usually it is 5$/regular, 10$/Tandem, but rates vary by dropzone. So NOT hourly, but per pack job.
  11. Matt, I think you meant to reply to saxboy, not me. I was being completely faceitous in my reponse. I thought it was obvious.
  12. Yeah, I'm jumping a Sabre2-150 right now, but since I want to eventually downsize and be a professional swooper, I might as well just see if I can go directly to the VX 39. Maybe Luigi will just sell me his. I saw his video, so I'm sure it won't be that hard. With around 30 jumps, I asked one of my AFF instructors who was jumping an 84 (maybe a Velocity) what would he advise if I had to jump his 84. What he said? "Pull the reserve immediately - it's a 120. Then you MIGHT live."
  13. I know I'm relatively inexperienced, but off the top of my head... 1) May not be able to make it back to the landing area on a long spot or with any wind >5 mph. 2) Just flat out boring with something so big.
  14. Hello, I've been lurking for a few days and thought I'd finally post - especially since I actually have a question. First, I've been skydiving for around 3 years now (on and off, but "on" for now and the foreseeable future) and have about 75 jumps. I recently bought my first rig - a rental from the DZO that I'd jumped a few times. It is a Vector container with a Sabre2-150 main, but no RSL (AAD included of course). It definitely works for me. My wingloading is just a hair above 1, about 1.05. Anyway, to the point, I still do not have my A-License. I've really just been procrastinating, but I know I should just get it. When I did my first tandem back in 2002, they gave me the old 4 page (2 pages front and back) ISP card. I have it mostly filled out, pretty much just need a couple of dates filled in and an instructor to give me the 20 question quiz and stamp it so I can fax it in to the USPA. Well, my original instructor for AFF (the DZO who I bought the rig from) hates the old card and thinks the newer card is simpler and just better. Anyone know if the USPA will have an issue with an old card that has signatures on it over a couple year span? I think I'll try to just get it over with sometime this summer. Blue skies. Btw, my username is my middle name and I'm a MALE! Think Old Testament Prophet.