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  1. I wasn't a skydiver. But, I remember Ron coming home excited after every day at the DZ. He was always so excited and then he would replay all of his skydives for me. In one of the apartments we lived in he painted the whole wall to look like a sky( picture this a huge wall pure blue with clouds everywhere). I knew how great he was ,but, it is wonderful to hear from so many different people who knew him that they think the same. I know he is flying high, sticking his tongue out at everyone, waiting for someone to take a picture . Always-Net
  2. yonatan--what you wrote touched me deeply. Ron was all that and more to me. I feel blessed that I was able to spend 7 yrs. of my life with him. he was truely wonderful...To know Ron was to love him. I know he is looking down smiling.--NET Removed from incidents. Please post Condolences to Bonfire. t