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  1. I've unfortunately had this type of malfunction. Check that the toggles are stowed in the proper order- that was the cause of mine- Vector rigs
  2. I have a Chinese work permit and temporary residence permit. It is no trivial matter to obtain these and there is a government stamp required at every step. I do find this very suspicous and not something done in a general want ad.. Yes commercial airlines operate in China but GA doesn't- the company I work for has jets for the CEO and Executives- they fly commerial to and around China because they can operate there. My guess would be that these foks are looking for copies of passports to steal information from.
  3. Damn... thoughts with the friends and family and especially all the great people at Frontier
  4. I have a regular day job (six figures) and I do tandems on the weekend. I operate as a business and claim income from doing tandems- I also write off milaage since I could in theory work at any DZ- I depreicate my equipment, deduct training, repacks, USPA fees, internet(to check weather) phone I also SCUBA dive and am currently working toward an instructor certification- I deducted a trip to Curacao because I got some training while there- my intent is to do these businesses when i retire Get a good tax professional and remember - Pigs get fat- hogs get slaughtered.
  5. If he wasn't we were.... you are the best Jimmy T In time it will sink in and that young lady will realize how fortunate she was that a man of integrity found that money. And maybe the next time you stop for a sandwich- whe'll be working the counter
  6. With the new USPA rating I believe the coach rating is completely unnecessary for the tamdem rating- you will have to take the tandem course which includes the manufacturers specific material and the generic portion of the rating which is much like the coach rating- but having the coach rating won't cover the tandem like it used to. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm a bit puzzled though- if you are concerned about liabilty of doing AFF where a student is responsible for saving their own life- how are you going to be less liable by strapping on a student who is completely dependant on you
  7. Saw Zumanity- would rcommend it-
  8. 9 years next week for me. Congrats-
  9. It is in fact home of "wild' Bill- I just got off the phone from wishing him Merry Christmas. Jimmy- Kirsta had the photo you took of our RW dive framed for a christmas present- thanks - you're GOOD PEOPLE. To OP- Finger Lakes is a small 182 DZ- got a couple of them. Kinger has had other aircraft but has found the 182 the best fit with up jumpers- tandems- students - and profit. He's been running the place 26 years. I do tandems there and feel safety is #1 priority. Also one of the most scenic drop zones you'll ever see. We are a close knit group- and once you jump with us - you are part of that group too. Stop by and see us.
  10. Lance- Glad to her your going to get the rating- it is fun and rewarding- I did the same thing when I got mine- worth a chat with a lawyer. LLC could be the thing to do. I set up a business for skydiving and other ventures primarily as a tax tool. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do- I have taken my cash and placed it in accounts under my kids names. but I have exposure with 401K, house etc... For now I just use common sense- and I know you're a pretty level headed guy- don't jump in questionalble conditions, check gear, properly cert, pilot, is the DZ waiver bullet-proof(as much as possible) is it signed, say no when you need to. Be prudent but don't live life under a rock
  11. Relavence of time in sport to this discussion?
  12. My priority is Commercial Cert. then more hours. To me the CPC demonstrates a basic level of competance, if the pilot has that level of competance- they should demonstrate it. If it is required for the type of flight flown- they should have it. I have no qualifications to evaluate anyone's flying skill or ability- as do most of the posters here- that is why a structured method is in place to do that with people who are. If you disagree with the need for a CPC for skydiving operations - then there are avenues to appeal that- Yes- Peckerhead we all make mistakes but it is evident that after being sanctioned for operating without a CPC once before this pilot continues to blatently do so. That to me is a separate issue- one of integrity and one that raises questions and doubts about what other self-proclaimed frivolous regulations are being skirted. I've read in the other posts how this pilot/DZO is a great guy who has a full refrigerator of food every weekend at the DZ- very nice - but to me I'd rather skip the hugs and hotdogs and know that the planes, pilot, manifest and all phases of the skydive operation are managed to be both safe and compliant. You think folks like me are polking this guy and the DZ in the eye- I think the oposite- I care about his safety, buiness reputation, personal assets, and the skydivers at D-burg - it appears more than they do.
  13. So are these tamdem instructors jumping at USPA dropzones with tamdem manufacturers ratings? Having recieved the rating it is explicitly clear at several points in the training that the TI understands and agrees to follow the manufacturers recommendations as a condition of that rating. It really bothers me when people nod their head and sign the documents then do what ever they please- knowing full well it violates the manufacturers recommendations or BSRs etc... The only thing I hope is that they don't kill an innocent first time jumper- only themselves or 30 jump "experiened" friends.
  14. duroejc

    LCD vs Plasma

    I have both in 42". The plasma is in my opinion crisper and has darker blacks- best for HD viewing/DVD etc. The LCD is fine quality as well- there is less glare from the screen if you have a viewing area with lots of natural light. Energy usage is not a huge difference as posted above it is more in the 60% more for plasma (not 4x)
  15. Highly recommended. I took the family and started on a two day white water rafting trip- stayed overnight in the jungle. SPECTACULAR Went to Arenal for the volcanoes, Mont Verde, and manuel Antonio for the beach. Reasonalbe prices, wonderful people, safe if you use your head, I used a tour operator to make all the arrangements and would recommend that- they did all the logistics. Do not drive yourself