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  1. The_Don

    Getting Started...

    1. Go to DZ. 2. Become a packer. 3. Save money for AFF.
  2. The_Don

    Hello everybody!

    Hello. Where do you plan to do your AFF?
  3. Just a matter of time. Someone needs to make a snag proof box for these fuckin little "harmless" cameras!
  4. The_Don

    Bonehead Mamba owners watch out!

    Sounds like the helmet did a great job of saving your head/ass. You're going bitch about an audible getting broke? Your priorities are out of whack.
  5. The_Don

    My last jump

    Sorry for your bad luck on the landing. I have a feeling this will not be the end of your time in this thing we do. Best of life. Don.
  6. The_Don

    Repeat last AFF-level

    Show up at DZ. Talk to your instructors. Simple.. no?
  7. The_Don

    frustrated at myself

    Took me 5 times to get past level 4. Relax, keep at it. You will get there.
  8. The_Don

    Resizing Harness

    Checked into this today, Figure high end about $500.00.
  9. The_Don

    Group member non-renewals

    ASC in GA is on the list.
  10. The_Don

    Team Dumb Ass - Z-hills

    Great post! I know our paths will cross one day...
  11. The_Don


    You did great! After a while you will watch these videos & be shocked by the video flyer being right on top of you during practice pulls! Students do pull on the first reach sometimes. Again tho... Good on you!!
  12. The_Don


    KICK ASS!!!!!! I had feeling today would be it. Post the vids dude! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The_Don

    BSBD Marty Barnett

    Sorry dude. Life happens. Then
  14. The_Don

    Hello All

    Welcome to the sky!
  15. The_Don

    me again

    Feels good. Don't it? Congrats & work on that A card, you might have already done a few things that can be signed off.
  16. The_Don

    Newbie - A LONG intro.

    Dude. You need to get layed. That is all.
  17. The_Don

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back! Is AFF an option at your DZ? That would give you more canopy time. Old fart & 47 = me...
  18. The_Don

    The Don

    You rang?
  19. The_Don

    Here is a good one for ya

    I think he said it all! Holy fucking shit!
  20. The_Don

    Made a skydive with my son!

    Congrats & .. Rock on !!!