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  1. I started jumping Xenia this year after jumping Greensburg last year. I had some concerns about safety at Greensburg.... My first day at Xenia someone landed outside of the normal landing pattern(into traffic) he wasn't off the DZ before the safety instructor had his ear. It was refreshing,encouraging, and professional. As a young jumper it is easy to get a coached jump and very reasonably priced($65.00 includes your lift ticket). The staff are friendly, outgoing, and open. Overall a great experience, start to finish. Don't miss the opportunity to visit. The owner, who has to be in his mid to late sixties, is still an active jumper...and great story teller. Blue Skies
  2. I did my AFF at Greensburg. The class was excellent and the instructors were stellar. My fourth AFF jump...Bob "forgot" I was on the plane and I had to land off DZ. After spending $1500 for the AFF....he freaking forgot me!!!! After hitching a ride back to the DZ...he wasn't looking for the lost student!!!! Bob didn't even apologize. Three other people back slapped congratulations and told the story of when Bob forgot them....what the hell!!!!! After watching a cocky camera guy almost plow(a few feet at most) into Billy (the owner's son) was time to move on. No discipline or even a verbal warning for almost mauling another jumper. What the Hell!!! It's frustrating...the planes are great...the AFF instructors are great. Gene the master rigger/jumper is amazing. In addition, some really friendly folks out jumping and having a good time. Altogether it's probably just average...with a ton of potential. If Bob moves out of operations and a safety officer is could be awesome.
  3. I have learned sooooo much from the forums on I'm just getting ready to send in my paperwork for my A seems like just yesterday I made my first AFF jump off the wing of a cessna. I cherish the memory. My fourth jump the DZ owner forgot I was on radio...he was too busy...or had his head up his ass or feeding the dog. At any rate, I landed 1/2 mile from the DZ....the owner didn't even know I was missing until my AFF instructor asked where I was. Although pretty hot under the collar, I was glad to be alive. The lesson to be learned...I am responsible for my skydive...even at jump 1. The same owner recently tried to sell me a used rig which I test jumped. The PD canopy is not a student canopy....full flare takes you back up....scared the shit out of me. Second lesson, ask lots of questions. I am responsible for my gear.....if you don't know what that means...find someone who does. While in Arizona on vacation I had a great experience in Eloy. It is a class outfit. I wish I had done my AFF there. They are into safety, committed to the individual skydiver and doing tandems for the public. They asked lots of questions before putting me up in the air. The areas I was shaky on, they went over until I understood without failure. After jumping at Eloy....I decided to find a new drop zone. A DZ with rules everyone has to abide including the employees. It's worth the extra drive time knowing the DZ is committed to Safety and Training.