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  1. I used that remote with a Sony still camera for a little while... 1st, I don't think cliping it to your finger is the way to go... try a tube stow or rubber band, the clip will just hurt after a while and likely get in the way... 2nd, the thing is bulky and if you have it in the wrong place you are likely to zoom in while climbing out, or even if freefall... 3rd, are you sure it will take pictures while recording? Most cameras I've seen will snap a shot, and then stop recording, although I have not looked at any of the newer cameras, so I'm not sure what they can do now. 4th, what's the point? You can do the same thing on the ground after the fact. Why mess with it in freefall? 5th, if you do decide to use it, I would suggest modifying the cable to allow for a break away... you do not want the cable snagging on something and breaking off the plug in the LANC port. J All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke
  2. Not if you are on scholarship, you can be under contract in your first year... as soon as you accept money, you incur an obligation. J All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke
  3. Hey dude, you posted the topic here obviously to be discussed... don't be surprised, especially in the speaker's corner, when someone disagrees with you, and certainly don't let it get your blood pressure up, you live longer... As for whether this topic pisses me off, I'm not going to get my blood pressure up over something like this, where there is a process for dealing with it, and that process appeared to work. The system isn't perfect, none is. The kid must be fairly functional if he did not give any indication to the MEPS personnel, the doctor (who's specific job is to disqualify candidates), or the guidance councilor. He passed the test, granted not an "A", but 50% of the population is not an "A". You will run in to unethical people in every line of work, the military is no different, that doesn't excuse it, its just fact... and the fact is, these two soldier's careers are over (assuming the results of the investigation). The simple answer is she did not get to a high enough level in the chain of command. Have you ever gotten resistance from a customer support person? Did you talk to their supervisor, and not get a satisfactory answer from them? Did you go to the next supervisor? Everyone in the military has a boss, especially Sergeants... Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the way she got someone's attention either, but the result will not be any different than if she had talked to the Company Commander / 1SG or BN Commander. Should the Station Commander done the right thing? Yes, but because he didn't his career is over too. I can understand that they would not have confidence in the system to catch this, but I think in reality it would have... Again, what the recruiter did was wrong, and what the Station Commander did was wrong. They will get what is coming to them. The parents should not have had such a hard time getting someone's attention, but I'm not going to get my heart rate up, or tell people to STFU for disagreeing with the way I see it over the issue... RI investigations get started in many ways... someone calls the CO, someone calls the news, someone calls their Congressman, etc, etc, etc. Just because this one hit the news doesn't mean it will or should get any different treatment than any other. As for my question about why you weren't in, it was just an honest question... I though maybe there was some insight into a MEPS physical... never suggested you were a "commie"... but your rational for quitting is insightful. And again, LTFU, you'll live longer. J All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke
  4. Having read the article, and having commanded an Army Recruiting Company, I feel I can comment with some authority... First, you need to LTFU, or Lighten The Fuck Up... not everyone who sees things differently than you is stupid as you seem to insinuate with most of your posts. Second, while this is an unfortunate situation, there is a system for dealing with it, and it appears the system is working... Jared will not ship out in August, the recruiter, and probably the recruiter’s station commander have been suspended pending the investigation, and presuming the investigation finds the allegations to be true, they will both be relieved and disciplined under the UCMJ. The system could have just as easily been put in to motion by calling the Company Commander, Battalion Commander, or MEPS commander. Having done more than a handful of Recruiting Impropriety (RI) investigations, I can tell you that they are not taken lightly by the chain of command. Some RI's turn out to be real infractions by the recruiter, some RI's are just a kid who didn't listen or changed their mind and are just trying to back out, but all of them are investigated. The article has plenty of inaccuracies and sensationalism too... schools have been compelled to provide phone numbers long before "no child left behind"... you can be arrested for failing to ship out. It’s hard to tell the entire timeline, but does not appear that this took very long to get looked at... it’s not like he was not he steps of the bus to basic... Now a question for you... if you were a scholarship cadet in ROTC, why aren't you in? J All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke
  5. Sorry I'm a little late on this, but... Don't confuse dissapproval of the President with agreening in any way the Democrates... If someone were to poll me on my approval of how GWB is doing his job, it would a point for the dissapprove side. That in no way means I approve of any of the Democrat's positions or alternatives. J All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke
  6. They legalized possession for personal use, they did not legalize possession for the purpose of distribution or sale, or trafficking... in theory they did it to allow authorities focus on the big fish not the user... So, you can't get in trouble for buying it, but you might have a hard time finding someone to sell it to you...
  7. Do you film in a sit position? That is the only reason I could even remotely think of for going behind your legs with the wings... I set my Dakine Rags suit up with clips on the front for belly, and clips on the back for sit, but the wings were not that big, nor was the gap created when I flipped over at pull time... You may want to rethink your suit a little... J
  8. Do that at a some construction sites, and it looks like bugs when you turn on a light... Having said that, it is not appropriate for joe schmoe to ask anyone for identification without having a specific reason... you can, but they do not have to respond.
  9. All I can say is I had a very pleasant drive to work today without as many uninsured drivers with little flags hanging from their rearview mirrors (which BTW is a dead giveaway that they can't drive for shit anyway)... they can stay home every day as far as I'm concerened... And BTW, all of my employees who are of hispanic decent (all legal too) were at work bright and early today... If your local taquaria was closed this morning... you should consider it closed from now on. J
  10. What does PC have to do with the idea that multi-culturalism is a bad thing? You can promote one culture without being racist or sexist... those that would set themselves apart based on their race or gender are being racist and/or sexist.
  11. If she felt that strongly about it, why was she not on the evening news and a sit down with Kattie & Matt spilling her guts about it instead of leaking it so that it might not come back to her?
  12. Actually, if the blowee is the full weight of the entire United States government, taking it to the press is often the only way that will make any difference Try the ranking minority member of the House / Senate Intel Com... its called oversight... its not her decision to decide what should or shouldn't be classified, and to say it is destroys the foundation of the entire classification system, which, as ugly as it is, is a necessary thing.
  13. There are ways to blow the whistle in classified cases, taking it to the press is not the way...
  14. I don't presume to know their motivations, but surely reserve the right to question them... Batise was a political manuverer from the first days I served under his command... Zinni owns at least part of the policies that lead to our current situation, not just in Iraq, but in the broader troubles in Southwest Asia... Do I know their motivation, no. Do I take what they have to say with a grain (pound) of salt, absolutley. J