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  1. dgrabowski

    Aerodyne Icon I2 + Smart 120 Reserve

    Time Left: 7 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Aerodyne Icon I2 DOM 07/2013 SKYHOOK Miniforce risers Just back from Aerodyne for minor repairs WASHED - clean! One small scuff on one riser cover - does not affect airworthiness Serial #12604 400 jumps Last owner was a 5'7" female, 145lbs. Harness size E-A-D-E Smart 120 Reserve DOM 11/2011 Serial 12340 Data card lists 5 packs and zero rides FULLY RIGGER INSPECTED Available in for inspection / pick-up in Jersey City, NJ or Fayetteville, NC. Ships anywhere. Currently unassembled for inspection. Can be delivered to you assembled, packed and ready to jump, or packed with YOUR AAD and ready to jump (extra cost, obviously). LOTS of hi-rez pictures here https://www.fourway.org/owncloud/s/CboNJYYLg2bKwYt


  2. dgrabowski

    Javelin J3 / Optimum 176 / Cypres 2

    Time Left: 7 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PRICE REDUCED! All that's needed is your main canopy! (and a repack) LOTS of hi-rez photos at https://www.fourway.org/owncloud/s/vEtWm9Ec8lFxkek Javelin J3 - DOM 07/1993, SN 4779. Harness size C-19, long chest strap. In EXCELLENT condition - a closet queen for MANY years, and then went back to the factory in 2014 for lots of refreshes and updates (riser cover flaps, ring covers, #1 side flaps, B-C-D flaps, spandex, grommets, etc) and completely NEW HARNESS. Includes RSL, soft reserve handle, easy-grip risers, d-bag, soft handle throw-out pilotchute, reserve freebag/pilotchute. Mudflaps have -velcro- for easy application of peel-off logos, patches, etc. (unusual bonus feature!). Current owner is 6'2"/175lbs and it fits him well, and could go up or down in size and weight. Essentially, this is fairly similar to today's Javelin Legacy. The J3 officially holds up to a 170, but many folks have put 190 and larger in them without a problem. PD Optimum 176 - DOM 10/2012, SN 7692. 10 packs, 0 rides. I've personally performed the last two repacks. Cypres2 - DOM 06/2013, SN 87541. 4-year check has been done. 8-year check due 06/2021 (+/- 6mo) Currently packed but is out of date and needs a repack - this can happily be done before purchase if you'd like, or you can have your rigger perform an inspection and repack. (I will perform an inspection before it ships regardless). Ships worldwide, or inspection/pick-up available in Jersey City NJ or Fayetteville NC. Paypal or cash preferred, buyer to pay shipping + insurance, transaction fees, and optionally, repack if requested. Looking to sell as a system, but willing to consider reasonable offer for the container only (because the reserve and AAD will sell quickly on their own).


  3. dgrabowski

    Aerodyne Icon harness sizing

    I think that since the dropzone converstion to the new format, some things like embedded files got broken. Here's the sizing chart. ICON Harness Sizing Chart.pdf
  4. +1 On 26-Jul-2012 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => karry112 URL => http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=130462&d=1 Name => kenneth hines FromEmail => hineskenneth84@yahoo.com City => Vancouver Country => canada Comments => Hello,i just wanted to let you know am interested in your Javelin J1KL with PD143R,that goes for $2000,i was actually browsing through your and saw it on there and decided to contact you to know if its still available and in good condition... Am from canada,and i will love to know how much you are actually giving it out for,and whats your best offer for it and more details about it...... Thanks Ken