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  1. So..........you jumped/jump the object on regular basis??? ......I don't think so[:/]
    stop bitching, if you get caught one day......trying to do a high profile jump and you have put a lot of thought and effort into it.... you'll get my support as well.
    Jeb has enough to worry about at this moment....can you say "support a fellow base jumper"

  2. Fuck him and slam him as hard as you can.
    He did not contact the locals, and there is a growing number of Mexican BASE jumpers.
    He just burned the best B in Mexico to the ground. He could at least have talked to someone...

    I agree, he did the same in my country......we still owe him big time! To all his loyal supporters - I hope he'll come to your home town and burn your local opjects on national TV-----go Felix

  • What part of SA will you visit?....I'm a local jumper and know most jumers in SA....the Cape Town crew jumps the most but don't expect to much from the rest of the boys, dropme a e-mail...if I'm in the country i'll take you around!