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  1. Anybody have any insight regarding the likley availability of packers? Last I checked, Coop was uncertain about his attendance. I planted the seed with "The Packing Place", but they sound pretty occuppied with the family drop zone. I ask because packing is hard on us old guys.
  2. Does anyone know if camping up on the hill behind the bar will still be allowed? Kind of like the northern suburbs of Byron Heights?
  3. Nice job Tall Guy. Very Nice. Amazon Bob Moore Dr. Dive Grannyinthesky Grimmie Happychick Kdub Ladydyver Lucky Markus (Little Spoon) monkycndo NDFallrate NWFlyer Olympia Sheepfucker Shell666 Skootz Tall Guy
  4. Thanks, I'm one of what I'm sure will be many who would love to be part of it. I'm certainly looking forward to Lost Prairie, but I sure will miss jumping and hanging out with that guy.
  5. Anyone know anything more about a potential memorial jump at LP this year?
  6. no Lost Prairie bar ambiance no northern lights no "I'm not Pete Hill" loads no Texas Stars that fail when Texas Tom participates no gorgeous Montana sunsets No almost sober loads No sunset cross country across the valley No painted toe nails via Shell. No days spent recovering from a hang over at the lake. No Cunning Linguist No "GOOOD MORNING LOST PRAIRIE" Even if it's 4 pm.
  7. Arriving late the evening of the 22nd. At least that's the plan.
  8. Yes, Steve, this is Craig. Hope we see you there. (I couldn't let this slip all the way to the second page...) Amazon Bigsky Bob Moore Dr. Dive freeflir29 grannyinthesky guppie01 - maybe Happychick, Sky High Pendants hcsvader iluvtofly k-dubjumps Ladydyver Lucky123 monkycndo NDfallrate NWFlyer rnicks Shell666 Skootz
  9. Does this mean we're finally going to see you there again this year? It's about time!
  10. Bob Moore has a website that includes a lot of Lost Prairie photos including some of Kurt. He asked that I post these links for him.... http://www.pbase.com/skybob/image/47930399 http://www.pbase.com/skybob/image/48451136
  11. Really going to miss seeing him at LP. One of the funniest guys I've met. Great guy to jump with, and even greater guy to hang out with.
  12. We spent some time there in early May last year for the tunnel. For restaurants I recommend Gumbo's for Cajun, right on the 16th Street Mall toward the west end. Also recommend The Ninth Door for Spanish Tapas, near the basefall field. They have a good comedy club downtown as well.