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  1. Was an XP member for nearly two years. Epic coaching from the staff, learned an incredible amount and built lasting friendships with phenomenal flyers.
  2. I use a piece of prefabed screen that fits into my bracket, no freefall or canopy slag...costs about fifty cents. picture? The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  3. the slag burns holes in the canopy how about something thats cheap and can be tossed after using that will keep the slag contained but allow the smoke out? miles and the redbull guys have an interesting setup. please no replies about cutting a coke can up and putting it over the smoke. its a pain. The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  4. anyone seen this? The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  5. I had maybe 15 jumps on a stiletto 120 before i did my night jumps for my d-license at a 1.7 wing loading. The stiletto opened outstanding after being trash packed to make the next load. It was easy to handle and i made solid non-swoop landings with it, despite the high wing loading. I jumped a Precision Rage 130 and i liked it at first, but it had a weird recovery arc and glide angle. i tried a stiletto and i got hooked. flies fast and straight, opens wells. cant really say enough good things about it. i put about 200 jumps on a sabre2 135 and then stiletto was a natural progression for me...
  6. contracting. how vague. ill ask him when i see everyone in july. The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  7. hence my question, what is kevin planning on doing for his second career? The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  8. I messed with this guy for a while. Insisting on all sorts of wazoo conditions on where to pick the gear up, what kind of money to bring. He wasnt too keen on making his "cashiers check" into mercury dimes.... The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  9. So because im not in raeford im not privy to the salon-style gossip that rolls through that place. What is the ratboy planning to do on his pseudo vacation that will last the rest of his life? He needs to start scanning very intensely to ensure he fulfills his obligations as an old fogey... The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  10. Just a suggestion, on the classifieds, theres no way to report multiple adverts for the same gear. I know theres a spam option but i don't want to get someones ad knocked off because they made a mistake. The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133
  11. Ive been working a lot lately and sometimes its a few days before i can get to the computer and check the classifieds, i am suggesting that you leave the new ads by day for maybe the previous week...just an idea.... The future is yours to destroy. SonicBeef #133