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    These are Plextor PlexEasy DVD burners for photographers at DZ's who still burn there pics for customers on to DVD's instead of Flashdrives. They work well, although I use an external SD reader plugged into the devices USB port because the SD reader on the machine is sometimes finicky because of use. These are hard to find anymore because of the popularity of Flashdrives over DVD's. I have 4 for sale, it was always easier than having 4 computers set up when I had multiple SD cards full of pics to burn during the fueling of the aircraft. These will not work burning SD to Flashdrive (I have a computer with multiple ports for that). Please PM me with any questions


    Pittsburgh - US

  2. If anyone knows anyone selling a used Bartack machine I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks
  3. any skydivers going to be in Disney world the following week. My wife & I and our Daughter Skylyn who is 5 are going for 6 days and if ya have a dz kid wanting a friend give us an email. [email]
  4. we train deaf AFF students at our DZ with big oarange paddles. They do very well.
  5. jesus man. nothing to be relaxed about! Think!
  6. I have been a camera man for 8 years now and have gone to the top of the game. I have recently earned my AFF & Tandem Rating & I'm sorry to say but before you do it don't think you know anything about it. The instructors that I videoed must have been so patient with me for my first videos ( although I did over a hundred camera jumps unpaid before I ever went out with a tandem) un heard of now adays. You starting out video guys that say oh my neck hurts or don't go so fast, take some jumps and learn how to fly. Nver blame your stuff on the Tandem master.[email]Quote