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  1. I used to go to this event every year, especially when James ran it. It is a great event, but the fee is way overpriced unless you take advantage of all the great coaching and organizing talent all week long. The "free" jumps justification used isn't quite the truth since those jumps are paid for by the sponsors. Although boogies are never cheap to put together (most jumpers don't realize the logistics), it is still amazing to me how the Falling Gators can host a boogie, with pre-reg for $30, and they provide all the food, some beer, organizers, an extra plane, and good times for so little. Not knocking the boogie itself because it is a great time, just can't afford 3 jumps just to get in.
  2. Hey. The beer demo is for anyone interested in learning about home brewing. Sorta half education, half something to do while drinking a few cold ones. The beer for the event has already been brewed, is fermenting, and will be kegged for the demo. The beer brewed at the event is for ME later on. After all, it's just a matter of boiling water, isn't it? I watch Food Network shows alot, so I shouldn't fuck it up too bad. And the best's free.....can I get a jello shot with that?
  3. Hey: You might have found some old links to a company that operated there a few years ago. @ 2 years ago, Bad weather caused the a/c to crash, and 4 folks died from it, and the dz was closed. It's a great country, and skydiving would be a great asset, but no one since has taken up the venture. there's bungee jumping off a bridge.....
  4. Spence: Looking forward to it. Glad you can keep the St. P boogie going. Great view. Just don't anybody land on the naval base....they take hostages :)
  5. aerotoy

    new tunnel

    check out 1/6 the price and mobile