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  1. Hvala najljepsa! I ja sam nova ali sam vec sada jako zagrijana za ovaj sport,pa se nadam da cemo se jednog dana srest na nekoj tekmi! You never know..
  2. You should definitely come and visit.I hope I'm gonna meet your friends soon..
  3. Hi! Nice to know you liked our country!So where did you meet your wife? I went to Sibenik and Vodice in April and loved it,Dalmatia is fantastic,especially Dubrovnik!I hope you've seen it,if not it's a MUST! I actually live in Italy,I study in Trieste, 2hrs from Venice.If you happen to come back here let me know and we can jump together!
  4. Hvala! Should I write in croatian or english,you've got me confused... Anyway,thanks for the welcome!You'll see me around I hope,this site is just awesome!
  5. Just wanted to introduce myself...I'm new on the site and in the skydiving,I've got only 22 jumps but hope to do much much more.So I appreciate everything I can find here. Well,that's it for now,I'll be back soon!