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  1. We made up our own. No Longer A Dirty, Rotten, Stinkin' Leg!
  2. Level 1 - 1 (Actually a Tandem 2) Level 2 - 2 Level 3 - 2 Level 4 - 3 Level 5 - 3 Level 6 - 2 Level 7 - 5 All told 19 jumps to graduate AFF. Ya know...this gets expensive.
  3. 7 months and I'm looking at elbow surgery next month.
  4. I just found out about this. I didn't know her in person, but conversed with her a couple of times online. She obviously will be greatly missed. Her and her family will be in our prayers. BSBD.
  5. We started about the same time and are progressing at about the same rate. I still have 6 SDU jumps & hop-n-pop with my pack job to do. Unfortunately, I'm almost 3 months out of currency. Not sure when I'll be able to get back out there. Life happens, ya know.
  6. Well, Matt Davis is a fairly common name. There is a search engine for military members, but his name returns quite a few results. You can register over at and see waht you can find off their search engine. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  7. Middle Initial? Pay-grade/Rank? Current duty status? Current duty station?
  8. Now that I *finally* finished AFF... 1. A License 2. Jump at least one other DZ (other than my home DZ) 3. Accumulate 100 jumps.
  9. Thanks. I can't wait to get back out there. True story. On my last jump I was singing... Alllllllll byyyyyy myyyyyselllllf, I get to jump... Alllllllll byyyyyy myyyyyselllllf, All the time!
  10. Ironically (?), my best jumps were usually my first jump after a 1 or 2 week break. The most I ever did in a day during AFF was 3 and that was after doing 2 the previous day. That 3rd jump on the 2nd day was an absolute disaster (metaphorically speaking). There wasn't much I could do right on that jump from the exit, freefall, altitude awareness/pull, canopy control and landing. The only positive was that I walked away. (That was my 4th attempt at level 7). Didn't jump again for 2 months. Next one out the door and I nailed it.
  11. I finally graduated AFF today! I'd like to thank Skydive Dallas as well as my instructors Ernie, Mandy and most especially Mike V. I'm glad they had the patience to put up with my fat, non-flying ass. I'm looking forward to getting my A license (within a 100 jumps ).
  12. +1. I went out with a group of friends in June that consisted of 14 people doing our 1st tandem. Out of that original group, all but two made a 2nd tandem...4 of us are currently in the AFF school...4 have made a 3rd tandem...and we have gotten 2 other friends to do their 1st tandem. I can't speak highly enough of the staff at SDD! No Longer A Dirty, Rotten, Stinkin', Leg. (Motto of the Jumpin' Jehosaphats of VFW Post #4380)
  13. The "fatso" was a mob boss (and the dad of the girl that the leader of the Wanderers was banging) that dropped a ball on the hand of a pro bowler that previously hustled his team. The scene at the bridge was where one of the Wanderers joined the Baldies and did that to his former gang members as initiation. And the gangsters at the football field where called the Duckie Boys. (never understood that, shrug) I make a point of watching that movie about once a month. big(TheWop)sapper
  14. I'll add to the don't worry crowd. I've repeated every level (2-7) at least once. I've repeated level 7 4 times and still haven't passed. But I'll get it. (or run out of money)
  15. Congratulations! I'm still trying to pass level 7, 4 attempts so far.
  16. US Army 1982-'92; 12B30 Combat Engineer; Desert Storm vet
  17. 240 out the door. I guess I don't live up to my name with this group.
  18. Girlfalldown, OMGWTFBBQ!!!!11!!! is that really your license #? (spooky) Well, I guess mine was relatively uneventful. Mine just ensured I kept my streak unbroken in repeating every level of AFF.
  19. So, was your 13th jump strange? Bad? Did you just skip 13 and go straight to 14?
  20. There's a saying in the custom gunsmith industry...