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  1. seanstill

    Skydive Mesquite

    The good, the bad and the ugly. First the good, great staff very friendly, feels more like a skydiving club then a dropzone, great landing area right in front of the hangar, plane pulls up real close and great view of some real interesting terrain. The bad, it's in the middle of nowhere, Cessna 182 so small loads and a long climb time, the airport is on sort of a platue so if you miss the the airport your in pretty unforgiving terrain, very small packing area. The ugly, from the ground this place looks like hell on earth but in the air is a much different picture. Overall though this is a great small dropzone and I enjoyed it very much, even though it was a hour from Vegas it was well worth the trip and next time I find myself anywhere even close to Mesquite I'll definately be dropping by. This place was fun check it out.
  2. seanstill

    Vegas Extreme Skydiving

    I was heading to Vegas for the first and as usual I got on-line and checked out where I could jump in the area. Came across their website and saw that they required AADs so I picked up the phone and gave them a call to find out how much gear rental would be because they list it and to my suprise they told me that they don't even rent gear (then why do you claim you do), the guy on the phone was very short with me and not friendly at all, he even told me that they don't really even take fun jumpers that often. The bottom line is this place is looking for the high dollar tickets they get from tandems and had no interest in fun jumpers. Don't waste your time with this place.
  3. seanstill

    Texas Skydiving

    The Good: Nice people and very laid back relaxed enviorment. Large landing area. The Bad: The facilities could use some improvement, it was kind of like jumping in someones back yard, that was the impression I got. The bathroom was as close to an out-house as I've ever seen. It has indoor packing but it's small and pretty tight, not a big deal because there's not much of a crowd. A little bit of a wait for a plane. When I went it was called Skydive Austin but not really anywhere near Austin so I'm glad they changed the name. The Ugly: This dropzone is pretty remote, while going there you get the impression that your lost. The Cessna took a long time to get to altitude and we were dropped pretty far off course (I pulled high and barely made it back). But if the biggest con is the fact that the landing area and the whole DZ really blend in with surroundings. Even under canopy it wasn't easy to spot. A really big marker would go a long way here. Overall the place was worth visiting, if your from a large DZ you might be disappointed but if not you will most likely enjoy the laid back atmosphere, I did.
  4. seanstill

    Skydive Temple

    The Good, like a said it's a small dropzone but it still has a great feel to it. It's easy to find and right off the freeway, it's got a nice open landing area. Great indoor A/C packing area and some real freindly people. The view on the way up was great, nice scenery. The Bad, there's an open sewer pit near the landing area so it's something you want to avoid at all costs. The main building is small so there isn't much room to hangout while your waiting. Also Temple is a small town, the kind of town you drive through on your way to somewhere else so it might be a little out of the way. The Ugly, the Cessna took forever to get to altitude and when there's tandems you might have to wait a little while. Overall the best part of this place was the people, more like a friendly skydiving club then a dropzone.
  5. seanstill

    Skydive Spaceland Houston

    The good: A/C indoor packing, two otters, awesome landing area, the walk to my car was further then the walk to the plane, great people and too many other things to list. The bad: I was looking for a cool Spaceland shirt to buy but they didn't have much. That's more of a comment then complaint though. The ungly: I was warned to stay away from a near by swamp area because there are aligators in there. Needless to say I got no where near it. The aligator area is far enough away that you don't have to worry about it, but I still appreciate the tip. Overall this place rocks. This place is as close to perfect as I've ever come across.
  6. seanstill

    Bay Area Skydiving

    The Good; friendly people, great vibe, indoor packing, nice landing area right in front of the hangar and a King Air. The Bad; overcast clouds and wind can be a problem so call ahead, no running water and the hangar could stand to be a little bigger. The Ugly; bad location, kind of out in the middle of no where and bring lots of food and drinks because there's nothing out there. Conclusion; the people are what seem to make this a good drop zone, it's small and very friendly and has a great vibe. If your in the area check it out.
  7. seanstill

    Skydive Perris

    The good, fantastic facility and awesome aircraft. Great friendly and very professional. The bad, went there with a friend that had never jumped and was looking to do a tandem, it took 3 hours for us to get on a plane when it wasn't even busy, way too long in my opinion. Needs to be more tandem friendly. There was also too many cliques there. The other jumpers there were not unfriendly just a little too caught up in there own little groups. The ugly, the scenery is horrible, not much to look at if your jumping solo, it resembles sand paper, brown and flat. Overall this is a great place to jump if your jumping with a team. if your a walk-up tandem be prepared to wait.
  8. seanstill

    Skydive Monterey Bay

    The good, very friendly people, good enviorment and a great view of the bay. The Bad, very small packing area, the Otter was down for repairs so the only other plane running was the Cessna that had a broken door, took a little long to get manifested and a little long to get up to altitude. The ugly, bad landing area, located far from the hanger. A van picks you from the landing area and takes you back to the hanger but waiting for everyone to get down and get in the van is a little time consuming. The worst thing though is the landing area itself, kind of bowl shaped and far too many potholes. I did enjoy it over all though.
  9. seanstill

    Parachute Center

    No matter who you are or what your experience level is you feel right at home. The planes get up and down fast so even when it's busy there's almost never a long wait. Huge carpeted hanger so there's plenty of room to pack indoors or just hang out. Finding someone to jump with is never a problem. Very friendly, laid back place. Jump it and you'll love it.