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  1. No, just saw the post. Guess I need to get out more. LOL
  2. None of the Nexgen Icons have been made in South Africa. No Icons have been made in SA since 2006.If you are having problems with toggle fires, please contact Jay at Aerodyne and we will address this. Make sure you have all of the rig information such as model, serial number, and date of manufacture handy.
  3. Aero Tech Products has been in business for the last 15 years. They have been a subcontractor for all of the parachute equipment manufacturers in Deland. Aero Tech has designed and built the Icon for Aerodyne since 2005. We have built the Eiff Aerodynamics Classic accuracy canopy since 2003. We have also built base rigs and canopies for Nitro Rigging and are building canopies for Asylum designs. Aero Tech has built main and reserve canopies for our military customers, cargo restraint systems for FedEx aircraft, the preferred sewing contractor for Lockheed Martin. We also design and build a complete line of main canopies that have been in the field since 2005. More to come this year! By the way, two separate companies! We have demos available also.
  4. The Apache you are talking about was manufactered in Commerce , Texas bt FTS. The Apaches manufactured by Aero Tech Products are nothing like the ones you jumped. Jay Shrimser at Aerodyne brought one of his over and I can see why you made that statement. Our Apache is ment to compete with the PD Stiletto and the Aerodyne Pilot. It is a higher performing canopy than these two. Aero Tech makes several other of our own design canopies and has built the Eiff Classic canopy for the last 10 years. We also build some of the military canopies for Aerodyne. Website www.flyaerotech.com for more information. Thanks
  5. I am not anAerodyne representative. We build the Icon. My point is that the people at Aerodyne take customer service very seriously as does Aero Tech. Let them work with you to resolve this. Jay is one of the finest people I know when working out a problem with a customer. We will stand behind anything we build. This is widely known in the industry.
  6. Aero Tech products. Maker of the Icon. Deland, FL. email [email protected] Terry J. Pike owner
  7. Thanks Mike. WE have actually been building canopies for the last 10 years for various customers. We are really excited about the line of Aero Tech canopies. They range from military, student, intermediate, and the higher performance models. We are now putting test jumps on our reserve canopy, and it's performance will really suprise folks in the industry. I have been told we are the best kept secret in Deland. Our new website will be up soon. flyaerotech.com Please feel free to check out one of our demo canopies.
  8. You would need to order a metal D handle from Aerodyne. The handles are a special size to match the pocket on the main lift web. Aero Tech builds the Icon and the if you contact [email protected] with your rig serial number, we can get you the proper handle. Thanks for buying Aerodyne products!