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    Yo !

    A new version of the tape is in the works. Please PM if you have appropriate footage you want to contribute.



    Now I know what that spotlight was all about over Thanksgiving:P Sorry I couldn't help with the movie! I did hear that a certain jumper from another part of this state has been tearing it up, maybe you should get up with him...I think he goes by the name 'Holenleg'


  2. You rock Jo!!
    I'm glad we got to hang out in venezuela...what an experience!!! And what awesome stories to tell too, I mean how many people can say they slept all night at the top of AF, almost got swallowed into the abyss, got to watch the sunrise, then nailed the 20x60ft LZ dead nuts in the center with squirrely winds, then partied all night with Venezuelian strippers and Commandos, just to name a few of the adventures?? Well I think it's only you that can say that!
    hope to see you again soonB|


  3. OK, you may be right. There might be 20 or so people in this forum that have 100 objects or more.

    You're correct about only having so many objects in the general vicinty of jumpers but that just gives you more reason to travel:)
    I guess I really like that aspect of BASE.... finding and jumping new shit. Traveling, Getting new visuals, meeting new people, overcoming a new challenge.
    Actually 100 objects is not that many if you think about ALL of the sites that are already established across the globe. I'd be willing to bet that there have been 5000 different sites jumped with about 1 million to go!!

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    It took me significantly more jumps to hit 100 objects. I think I was right around 500 jumps at the time.

    Reading your post and Jason's makes me wonder how many jumps it takes folks, on average, to hit 100 objects. I'd guess that you are ahead of the average by a noticeable margin, but I've got no real data to support that.

    Nice job.

    Maybe we should poll it??

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    i've seriously got to get out to houston one day to hear some of these stories!

    Trust me, I'm really boring in person. Most of the time, I would MUCH rather hear what someone else has to say that spend the time talking myself.

    Don't worry, though, I'll be posting more stories.

    Thanks for the kind words.


    A really good friend of mine and a BASE student of yours (Pauly) has told me a few stories about you and I don't remember any of them being boring, that's for sure!! Walt you are a BASE GOD!!!:)

  6. Congrats Dan,
    that is a great acomplishment 100 objects in 346 jumpsB|B|. I just did my 100th object, but it took me 555 jumps to get it. Just wondering how many of those objects you opened yourself? I'm at 38 maybe 39 tomorrow ;)

    nice work... where's your website???:P


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    Well he didn't talk about that but he did say that the pro-tec use a material that does not go back to its originial form after an impact. I forget I haven't ahd time to research it yet.


    The new protecs have a new foam that does rebound to it's original form. Not sure the name of it though.


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    I went to look at helmets yesterday and got some interesting news. I went to Ski World to get a pro tech but the place didn't carry them. The guy I spoke too said they stopped carrying pro-tech becuase they were crappy helmets (which are primarily designed for skating even though they do make snowboard helmets) and didn't last. He said with skating you gonna hit your head but not as hard as if you making a huge jump or in a half pipe and you have a bad landing in snowboarding. He said there are better brands.

    They carry Boeri and a few others. The guy said Boeri and Giro were the most quality brands and if I were loking for something to take a heavy impact I could look at these.

    Any thoughts?


    Just wondering if the salesman gave you any specifics on testing methods or certifications that Boeri and Giro have gone through? Most bicycle and snowboard helmets pass cpsc standards but thats all. Some, like Bell helmets meet a slightly higher standard but not that much higher.
    How heavy are the helmets you saw? What materials were used?
    Maybe the shop you visited stopped carrying Protec because they didn't sell like the cool new looking more expensive helmets. Protecs don't look as cool but might offer the same protection... just a thought...salesmen try to sell what they have in stock, they don't want you to go to the next shop to get that cheaper Protec when they have you in their shop with money to spend.;)

    just looked up Giro and saw that they are a subsidiary of Bell, so they ARE a little more strict with certification.:)

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    ...Seriously My mom has pointed out a few bridges, and I have scouted a few 200+ E's on a previous trip...

    Nice, so your Mom is scoping out BASE sights for you now? Did you give her the training for that or is she just naturally gifted at these things? :P

  10. Really, no kidding??
    Just curious as to why you posted here when you already know my PM address? More than a few people have already contacted me... in a more discreet manor:|.
    Why advertise? And why do I have to PM you if I want to put together a jump in my area? Are you going to give it the go ahead:P


  11. Tower sex



    unless you found one with a platform at the top..

    B| bingo ;):P

    it's been done many times, long before you guys came along:S

    BASE, I love my wifeB|

    The only naked jump that really counts is your 100th, the rest are just for bragging rights:P

    Naked BASE #15