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  1. 1st BASE 1995 at Bridge Day 23 year old.
    Did B-Day every year.
    Really started BASE in 1998 with proper gear. Had 800 skydives, 300 of which were on a Pegasus 220. Went through FJC from BR in Perris CA. Balloon jump trainning.

    Today I'm 33 and have 581 BASE jumps and had not had a BASE related injury...knock, knock! Well, except when I hit that tower and got a few minor bruises:$.

    Let it flow - let yourself go
    Slow and low - that is the tempo


  2. Quote

    As is now clear (not that it ever wasn't) a restrictive device of any sort left around your pilot chute can lead to a nasty end.

    However, maybe it might be a good time for us all to look at other techniques we use during our packing.

    I know there are jumpers out there (friends) who tie all their lines together in the centre during their packing - above the tailgate. It seems to me that this too could easily be forgotten and if left there would result in a streamer. I understand the need to keep the lines centred to prevent one escaping over the stabilisers and the resultant line over malfunction. However, i'd take the line over as opposed to the streamer any day of the week, so why risk the latter to prevent the far less likely to be fatal former?

    Counting tools is a good way of preventing forgetting such devices but it isn't infallible. How many of us carry more than one pull up when we're out on a trip, and what if you see someone elses pull up and assume it's yours. How many times have you lent someone a spare pullup? When they finish with it they throw it over and say thanks. Could you mistake that for the one holding all your lines together?

    No matter how thorough we think we are, we all get tired and make mistakes. A pull up left on your lines could be a very costly one.


    A few years ago I PCA'd a guy who left his pull-up cord tied around the top of his lines. Needless to say he didn't get a full canopy and streamered into the ground at the base of the 270ft "A". Luckily he had enough canopy and soft ground to survive relatively unhurt. I thought he packed it slider up as I watched it sniveling. Talk about scary!

    I while back I was experimenting with weights to help with packing and I packed a 2lb weight into my rig. It was one of those long thin ones and I had used it to help with the long folds. I got a phone call and forgot about it:o. As I finished packing I noticed the canopy just didn't quite fit correctly but closed the rig up anyway. About an hour later I was going over the packing process in my head and an alarm went off....WTF!?!?!... how could I have been so careless?? Did I actually do that? Only one way to be sure and that was to unpack. Guess what? I was that stupid and I did pack a weight into my rig.
    Never again!
    Packing has become so autonomous that when a new thing is added it can easily be forgotten until it is commited it to memory.
    Using no tools is good.
    Counting the tools you do use is good too!

    stay safe

  3. Quote

    Yep! :o

    On the national TV news yesterday in Holland.
    They have found a new waterfall in Peru, 771 meters. A German had found it in 2002 but only now they succeeded in getting images through a Peruvian TV crew. If you go to and then in the pink field "laatste uitzending" you can see it.

    It is two step waterfall, but from what I see there is at least a 500 meter vertical drop. It is very remote, off couse. Who will jump it first? :P The Peruvians say in 2008 there should be tours going there.

    They also said that it was the 3rd highest waterfall in the world. 1 Angel Falls, OK. But 2 was a surprise to me. it is supposed to be in South Africa. Never heard of that one. Any info?

    Anyway, Peru is a nice country so it's 1, 2, 3...

    Ronald Overdijk

    Check this great site out for info in waterfalls. The one in SA looks like a nice exit but the LZ sucks!


  4. Quote

    Winds were less than 5mph.
    I got on my left riser because I turned to the right. After I hit the wire I pulled both front risers down in an attempt to dive away from the wire, which luckily worked. I backed away from the launch becaus I was freaking out. It took about 15min. to convince myself to jump.

    I'm confused too...
    what part of your canopy hit the wire?? If you hit the wire and then started to slide down it how would doing double front risers clear the situation? Did you hit the wire going backwards? Did the canopy collapse and then as it let you free you front risered it thinking that cleared the entanglement?
    Why didn't you just back down from the jump if you were 'freaking out'? If you cannot get your head straight you should not be jumping...period!

    Do you really want to die from this sport? If not please use a little more caution and VALUE your LIFE more than a measly jump.

    I also agree with the crosswind thing... if it was a crosswind exit you would have been correct in going off the other side...basic common sense.

    play safe

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    ...and then she calls me this afternoon and says "oh by the way...John checked and Sam's not dead" but probably will be soon. So hold that thought!

    WTF????? I'm glad John isn't a doctor or nurse:P

  6. Ok I have a few more ideas...

    How about a gear auction to raise money?

    Or how about we ask for people or companies to 'sponsor' a BASE jumper by donating something like $50 or $100. This will 'buy' them free ad space on the jumper of their choice for a set # of jumps. The ad space can be a simple t-shirt with their name or logo on it. I'm sure if we send out a few press releases it will be covered by the media and that will in turn bring companies looking to get exposure at the event.

    Just thinking......

  7. Quote

    Secondly, IF and when Lisa ever gets tired of him, and not a second sooner, Jason is ....

    mine .... all mine.

    NOT Marion's,
    NOT Jackie's,



    Ok, Ok calm down tiger!!!!!!
    Who said Lisa needs to get tired of me? I'm sure she can share;)

    Love ya,

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    The registration and pledge amounts seem high at $150 and $2500; maybe $50 to register and whatever you can get for per jump pledges would allow more people to participate.

    I must not have explained myself very well since you and Russel mistook what I meant.

    The $150 was just a suggestion for a pledge goal. I used the $2500 reference as just that, a reference. I was just stating that that is what the women on 'Jump for the Cause' must come up with. I know BASE jumpers are poor so thats why I threw out the LOW amount of $150. Although why not dream big... why are we any different than them?

    Any charity in my mind would be good as long as it's a charity and not a business that uses the charity persona to fatten the owners pockets :(.

    Keep the ideas flowing.....

    Abbie, Tom, let me know how I can help out :)

  9. No one on the last trip in Dec. jumped a wingsuit. Jo hendrik from Norway had his but didn't get to make a second jump which would have been the wingsuit flight. I think it's something like 4000ft total elevation you can get if you make it to the river. It would make the landing a piece of cake compared to the other LZ's;)

    Have fun, be safe Avery.
    BTW, I hope you know that Venezuela has stopped most flights from the US.


  10. I have a name for the competition......

    --------The Tom Manship Memorial IronBASE Invitational----------

    I though it was appropriate since this is what Tom did everyday there:)
    Maybe the proceeds could go to a fund in Tom's name that helps to keep the park clean or something like that.

    Oh, I just thought of another idea for the competition. Why not have a side catagory for most trash hauled out of the bottom. This would be a nice gestureB|


  11. Quote



    She can take you.

    Right now I'm too busy trying to solve the mystery of the evil twin. Hmmm...

    Evil twin.............

    I am not evil :)

    Free Jump to whoever figures it out hehehehehe :S

    Ummm, just wondering why you have TWO log-in accounts????
    One is (EuRnIcC) and the other is (EuRnIcC.)

    Is this the mystery of the Erics Evil twin????? Or a case of the Mouse in the House?


  12. [replyHow about a buy-in and prize money?
    Or a way to make this a charitable event?


    How about a buy-in and prize money?
    Or a way to make this a charitable event?

    I think that a buy-in Charity event of sorts is a great idea...
    Do something good for Twin Falls as well as hold a competition.
    Here's my spin on it...
    Charge a minumum $150 fee to enter the contest. Get people to promise to sponsor jumpers on a per jump basis A good model to look at is "Jump for the Cause'. The jumpers pledged to get at least $2500 in donations to participate.
    Net proceeds go to a charity or organization in Twin, meaning most of the funds. But some can be set aside for plaques or trophies or cash prizes.
    Maybe have awards for displaying good skills such as most standup landings in a certain area, most on heading openings, etc.

    Just a few thoughts before I head to bed....


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    Eric's evil twin: Did I see you last night in a Waffle House parking lot?

    You saw nothing.... when I snap my fingers you will awaken not remembering anything....

    Wait a second, what am I worried about? If you think I look like Eric, you definatly can't see anything:P

    Sorry for keeping Eric out very late this weekend! And it's too bad about your baseball team losing:ph34r:


  • Quote


    Mmmmm....cliffs. Thanks.

    Here are a couple of my pix from Newfoundland.


    So Jerry are you saying that you didn't take any pictures or you didn't go? Cause I don't see any pics....:P


  • Hey Mikael,
    awesome trailer!!! Very well put together!

    It was nice seeing you again after 6 years, glad I got to meet the rest of your crew while on your trip. It looks like you guys had a blast.


  • Quote

    how about weaving it into canopy's? if you happen to strike a wall, the canopy might have a better chance of staying inflated? If sound waves activate it , turbulance might as well, keeping the wing more true to form.Or maybe countinuos wind pressure would keep it rigid? wing suits?B|

    I would think that it is too heavy to put into a canopy but in a wingsuit it might help with landing it;)


  • I read about this stuff a few months ago and really thought it would be great for BASE, although I would like to have a few pieces to test out before I would commit to developing a line of protective gear for BASE applications.

    There is a lot of good information on this and other "Shear Thickening Fluids" (see Eric I finally remembered the name of it!) on the web.
    Here is one.. The d3o website also contains great information...

    Anybody want to partner up on developing this for BASE???


  • Quote

    We got about 5 loads up yesterday. In the morning there was snow from about 5K on down. It was a really beautiful canopy ride ;)

    Hey Eric,
    did you get to make a jump on the Vamp??? Just wondering.....

    Did you get the email from the Charlotte crew about this weekend?


  • Quote

    The towers are very strong. We had one get struck by a Cessna and the Cessna lost the battle, badly.

    Funny, we had a cessna hit a 1700ft tower here a few years ago and both the Cessna AND the tower lost. They are not as strong as you think they are if you hit them in the right spot;)
    At least something good came out of that incident....A bigger LZ and a taller tower!!
    We have also had a few go down from ice, which isn't very strong at all:P


  • Gabriel,
    You are taking this quite well, but doesn't it just bite your ass knowing that your own government and the building owners have overlooked you and or your fellow Mexican BASE jumpers and had brought in a foreigner to make the jump? I'm sure they are aware of you since you got busted on the heli deck preparing to jump...(why didn't you just bail on them?)
    If you knew that Felix and Red Bull were planning on making the jump how come your sponsor didn't chime in and help you out? I would think that a Mexican Go Fast jumper would have priority over a Austrian Red Bull'er. I would think that the public would have enjoyed that more as well... getting to see a local make it big. Just wondering.

    wish you could have made the jump brother[:/]It would have been sweet!